4H Club News

The GazetteFebruary 15, 1939 Bernice Grammar 4-H Club The Bernice Grammar 4-H Club met February 7, 1939. The house was called to order by the president, the roll was called, and the minutes were read and adopted. Mr. Kennedy gave us our 4-H Club year books. He explained the contents of the book to us. … Continue reading 4H Club News

Rocky Branch

The GazetteJanuary 18, 1939 You are cordially invited to join our singing class each Saturday night. The purpose of these singings are not to vie with the other person for prominence, but to sing humbly, making melody in our hearts to God. Forth Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock Rev. B. F. Wallace, Superintendent of Louisiana Baptist … Continue reading Rocky Branch

Serenade and Gift Tree Featured at Rocky Branch

The GazetteJanuary 11, 1939 An enjoyable event of the holiday season was a program and gift tree given by the Sunday school pupils of Rocky Branch, under direction of Mrs. Myrtle Dodd. The program follows: Song, "Praise Him," directed by W. M. Pace.Prayer, by Elzie Howard.Origin of Giving, by Robbie Lee Pace.Song, "Hark, the Angels Sing" … Continue reading Serenade and Gift Tree Featured at Rocky Branch

The Life of Flavil D. Hollis in Rocky Branch

Submitted by Dianne Hollis Lundy Before the 1940’s Rocky Branch had a fairly stable population of people who continued to live in the community and marry someone from the community. Just about everybody there was kin to somebody else from the community. My parents, Flavil D. Hollis and Dolores G. Hollis, moved to Rocky Branch … Continue reading The Life of Flavil D. Hollis in Rocky Branch