Bernice Local News

The Bernice JournalSeptember 26, 1929 Everett Association The Everett Baptist Association was in annual session at Spearsville Baptist Church last Friday and Saturday. After the house was called to order, the organization was perfected by electing Rev. Clete Smith, moderator, and moderator and Mr. W. W. Rockett, clerk. The next meeting will be held with … Continue reading Bernice Local News

Lillie News

The Bernice JournalSeptember 19, 1929 Mrs. A. L. Ponder attended the funeral of Mrs. Kinnard in El Dorado last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Nelson were El Dorado visitors Friday. Mrs. Chester Bevins of Vienna, was home for a few days last week. Mrs. Hunt had as her guests Sunday, M. S. Nicklas and … Continue reading Lillie News