“Hit The Grit”

The GazetteMay 24, 1905 W. F. McQueen, of Calhoun, who together with the Daniels (now in jail) was indicted by the late grand jury for complicity in the killing of Jim Taylor, by a little trickery fooled Deputy Browning, of Ouachita (who was sent to arrest him) and as a consequence is in parts unknown, out … Continue reading “Hit The Grit”

Taylor – Arent

The Gazette January 30, 1901 This morning at 10 o'clock Miss Celia Arent and Mr. J. W. Taylor were untied in the holy bonds of wedlock. At the appointed hour Mendelssohn's familiar wedding march, artistically rendered by Miss Dosie Laupheimer, announcing the approach of the bridal couple. The contracting parties took their positions in the center … Continue reading Taylor – Arent

Taylor – Mayes

The Gazette April 4, 1900 At the residence of the bride's father, J. T. Mays, near Downsville, on Wednesday, May 28, 1900, Mr. Willis I. Taylor to Miss Genie Mayes, Judge W. P. Chandler officiating. ***I am not sure if this is an annoucement of the upcoming wedding or if the date is incorrect.


The Gazette February 7, 1900 Mr. B. A. Taylor had the misfortune to lose by fire one night last week his dwelling, smokehouse and most of their contents. It is thought the fire originated in the kitchen. The family were asleep at the time the blaze broke our, and they barley had time to escape … Continue reading Fire

From Spearsville

The Gazette February 22, 1899 Since writing last, time has not ceased to record her incidents here but this correspondent has been deprived of sending them for publication. While nothing so very, very, strange has occurred, the following is penned for the consideration of the editor. The weather has been so exceptionally bad since this … Continue reading From Spearsville