Farmerville Local News

The GazetteMarch 22, 1905 Considerable sickness is reported in this locality, mostly of a miscellaneous nature. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Atkinson is quite sick this week with pneumonia. Buy you Fencing from the Monroe Grocer Co. The various base ball leagues are now organizing for the ensuing season. Gilbert, the barber, came … Continue reading Farmerville Local News


Union Gin, Shiloh and Evergreen News of Week

Farmerville Gazette, February 15, 1939Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige Community Heartbeat: Faces about the country: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaver coming up from Ruston to visit his mother, Mrs. Jane Shaver .... Gordon Albritton home from school in New Orleans, due to illness .... Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Poland a-goin' to see Mrs. … Continue reading Union Gin, Shiloh and Evergreen News of Week

4H Club News

The GazetteFebruary 8, 1939 Spencer Club Monday, January 9th Mr. Kennedy and Miss Nelson came on 4-H Club day. Some of the members changed their projects. We took in new members. John Doss Rushing and Reginald Spencer gave a demonstration on milk, which we enjoyed very much. Mr. Kennedy also gave a demonstration on sweet … Continue reading 4H Club News


The GazetteFebruary 1, 1939 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Boone and children of Bryceland spent Sunday here with Mrs. G. R. Boone and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Turnage. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Taylor spent Friday in Simsboro with Mr. and Mrs. George Carroll. Miss Hilda Fuller spent Sunday at Winnfield with Mr. and Mrs. … Continue reading Locals


The GazetteFebruary 1, 1939 Among the students from La. Tech at Ruston, home for midterm, who have returned to resume their studies were: Misses Ernestine Gulley, Emogene Maroney, Ellen Gulley and Herbert Wheelis. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ferguson, of Bernice, were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gulley. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd … Continue reading Marion

Will Rogers, Noted Entertainer and Philosopher, Has Gone On, But the Memory of Him Will Stay

The GazetteAugust 21, 1935 Written by Emmett J. Lee, Jr. When an aeroplane crashed last Thursday night away up in lonely Point Barrow, Alaska, the United States lost one of her best-loved citizens -- one whose place can never be filled. Will Rogers is dead---- Never again shall we see that bright-faced humorist, as we … Continue reading Will Rogers, Noted Entertainer and Philosopher, Has Gone On, But the Memory of Him Will Stay

Will Rogers, Famous Humorist, Killed Instantly In Airplane Crash Thursday

The GazetteAugust 21, 1935 Will Rogers, world-famous humorist, motion picture comic actor and newspaper columnist and his pilot and companion, Wiley Post, were instantly killed when their plane crashed from sixty feet in the air into a river bank fifteen miles south of Point Barrow in northern-most Alaska last Thursday evening. The time of the … Continue reading Will Rogers, Famous Humorist, Killed Instantly In Airplane Crash Thursday


The GazetteJanuary 25, 1939 There will be preaching services at the Methodist church here next Sunday and Sunday night. Mr. J. W. Thompson of Baton Rouge spent the week end with relatives here. Miss Norma Stewart left Sunday for Bastrop, where she will resume her duties in the Bastrop High school. Mr. and Mrs. Max … Continue reading Marion

Downsville Junior Homemakers Do Social Service Work

The GazetteJanuary 25, 1939 In continuing their social service this year, the Downsville Junior Homemakers packed two boxes for needy families. Fresh fruits were bought for the boxes and canned fruit and old toys were brought by the girls from home. The club bought paints and the girls showed much enthusiasm while remodeling and painting … Continue reading Downsville Junior Homemakers Do Social Service Work

Parish Educational System Rapidly Moving Forward

The GazetteJanuary 25, 1939 PROJECTS AT HIGH SCHOOLS NEARING COMPLETION; SCHOOLS RANKING HIGH A bright, promising future now looms ahead of the educational system in Union Parish, thinks Elton J. Upshaw, Parish Superintendent. He is joined in this opinion by members of the parish school board and others connected with the system in the parish, … Continue reading Parish Educational System Rapidly Moving Forward

WPA Project For Sidewalks Here Has Been Approved

The GazetteJanuary 25, 1939 Among twenty-eight WPA projects which have recently been approved by the State Planning Commission is one for sidewalks in Farmerville which calls for the sum of $24,535.00, according to Commissioner J. Lester White in a communication issued from Baton Rouge last week end. This will be a great step forward, it is … Continue reading WPA Project For Sidewalks Here Has Been Approved


The GazetteJanuary 18, 1939 Mr. and Mrs. Murray Green and children of Farmerville visited relatives here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Kyle and children of Alton were the weekend guests of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Max P. Watson of Monroe spent Sunday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd K. Watson, Jr. spent the ween … Continue reading Marion