Farmerville Local News

The GazetteAugust 16, 1905 Mrs. Sam Maroney, of Yellow Pine, is due here this week on a visit to friends. Mr. M. M. Munholland contemplates building a residence for himself and family later. The service on the V. S. & P. has been reduced to one train east and west each day. The sick members of … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Lost An Arm

The GazetteJune 14, 1905 The facts of the case go to show that Guy Tucker, who was shot from ambush last week, was not so badly wounded as first reported. Both wounds taking effect in the elbow of his right arm shattering the bone so badly that the physicians found it necessary to amputate the limb, … Continue reading Lost An Arm

Investigation in the Killing of Dick Craighead

The GazetteMay 17, 1905 The Governor Moves Gov. Blanchard has ordered a vigorous investigation in the matter of the late killing of Dick Craighead in the Homer jail and has offered the following rewards, which will remain in force for the period of one year from date. The sum of $1500 for the identification and conviction … Continue reading Investigation in the Killing of Dick Craighead