Farmerville Local News

The GazetteJuly 11, 1906 Mr. and Mrs. Claud Rowland are visiting in and about Farmerville. Mr. Horace McEarland of Texas arrived in Farmerville Monday. Prof. H. E. Dawkins of Marion was here several days of last week. Mrs. Ed. Haas of Monroe is visiting relatives in Farmerville. Attorney J. W. Elder returned from a trip to … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Ouachita Items

The GazetteApril 4, 1906 There is no sight so repulsive as habitual loaders and drunkards hanging around stores and wasting away the golden hours of lite in meaningless phantasy, without a thought for anything except the gratification of a beastly appetite. It is strange that young men and even old will thus sacrifice home, reputation, mothers … Continue reading Ouachita Items