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Santa Clause, Father Christmas, Jolley Ole Man and St. Nick; these are some of the common names given to the man that brings gifts to the children around the world as we celebrate the holiday known as Christmas.  While each of these names represents the same man we know today, they have their own origins and legacies.  So who was St Nick.

Many of our traditions adopted for the Christmas season originate at a time before the birth of Christ and some are formulated from pagan rights of Germanic or Roman in nature.  Not so with St. Nicholas or St Nick as we commonly call him.  St. Nick was an actual person and lived in Turkey during the third century after Christ and prior to the adoption of Christianity as Rome’s official religion.  As a youth he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Egypt, returned to Turkey, became the bishop…

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Review of Program, History of Farmerville

Written by Tuffy Fields In 1987, Farmerville celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding. This celebration depicted what a small town can do when it pulls together as a unified community. It is hard to believe that in two years, we will celebrate Farmerville at 175. The 125th celebration began with the Centenary Choir providing … Continue reading Review of Program, History of Farmerville

Much Celebration for 125th Anniversary

Written by Tuffy Fields 2015 Last week Farmerville hosted the 52nd Annual Farmerville Watermelon Festival. It was rewarding to go downtown and see what the city and the Jaycees had accomplished and it was rewarding to know that the tradition will continue. As I walked through the old Peoples Department Store and admired the renovation, … Continue reading Much Celebration for 125th Anniversary