Farmerville Local News

The GazetteMay 30, 1906 Prof. Alebrtson of Downsville is in Farmerville for a few days. Mrs. W. J. Turnage left Saturday for Monroe to visit relatives. Police Juror Charles H. Hudson was in town Monday. Miss Maude Selig and Mr. Mack Gill paid a visit to Ruston Saturday returning home Sunday. Miss Fannie Weinburg and Leila … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Farmerville Dots

The Bernice JournalAugust 29, 1929 Miss Faye Baughman and Olivia Barr and Messrs Joe Ramsey and W. W. Porter returned and W. W. Porter returned home Friday, after two weeks at different points in Texas and New Mexico. Mrs. Stella Norris and daughter, Alice, returned Thursday from Monroe, after a weeks stay there with relatives. … Continue reading Farmerville Dots