Spearsville Happenings

Barbara WaltonMay 19, 2011 You probably have guessed by now that I like to get my hands a little dirty digging in the dirt - in flowers and my little fence garden. This weekend was the beginning of payday, for I gathered four cucumbers, a tomato, romaine lettuce and some peppers - a wonderful salad … Continue reading Spearsville Happenings

1878 Ward’s Chapel Bushwhacking

Dr. Timothy Hudson In the nineteenth century, Port Union on the Ouachita River formed an important steamboat landing and commercial conduit for Farmerville, Shiloh, Spearsville, and the interior regions of greater Union Parish. Situated just below the mouth of Bayou d’Loutre on a bend in the Ouachita River, the location perhaps had a store operated … Continue reading 1878 Ward’s Chapel Bushwhacking