Spearsville Happenings

Barbara WaltonJuly 21, 2011 Good News!! Rain fell on our parched ground on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday; there was at least 2 inches or more and it sure make things perk up. Not only was this a blessing to us but I talked to Imogene Bennett this morning and she said that they … Continue reading Spearsville Happenings

Native American Tribes & the Indian History in Farmerville, Louisiana

Ahote Cooper Native Americans of Louisiana January 10, 2019 Long before the terms Native American or Indian were created, the tribes were spread all over the Americas. Before any white man set foot on this territory, it was settled by the forefathers of bands we now call Sioux, or Cherokee, or Iroquois. For thousands of … Continue reading Native American Tribes & the Indian History in Farmerville, Louisiana

1878 Ward’s Chapel Bushwhacking

Dr. Timothy Hudson In the nineteenth century, Port Union on the Ouachita River formed an important steamboat landing and commercial conduit for Farmerville, Shiloh, Spearsville, and the interior regions of greater Union Parish. Situated just below the mouth of Bayou d’Loutre on a bend in the Ouachita River, the location perhaps had a store operated … Continue reading 1878 Ward’s Chapel Bushwhacking