Victor Tabor, Old McDonald

Written by Edna Liggin The Gazette October 21, 1976 Victor Tabor, who lives on Rural Road 3320, south of Spearsville, is an almost self-sustaining, on-man farmer, a rare breed in this day of supermarkets, co-ops, and big farms. In fact, he is almost extinct! In the day s of Mr. Tabor's great-grandfather, Joseph Shaw, it … Continue reading Victor Tabor, Old McDonald


Leon Austin – Woodsman of Old Lowery’s Ferry on Cornie Creek

Written by Edna Liggin Submitted by Molly Liggin Rankin The Gazette February 16, 1978 "The best and only place to live" is the theme of every statement Leon Austin makes about his 80 years of living near Lowery's Ferry, his beloved spot on Cornie Creek. Here is his home, his natural environment, here he still … Continue reading Leon Austin – Woodsman of Old Lowery’s Ferry on Cornie Creek

Long Live the Memory of Linville School (1867-2005)

Written by Jon R. McKinnie 1963 Linville Grad Early studies report that a man named Linville from North Carolina settled in the forests of what would become eastern Union Parish. He established the Linville Trading Post in 1778, thirteen miles northwest of the Ouachita City port. It was constructed on an old Indian trail, later … Continue reading Long Live the Memory of Linville School (1867-2005)

Bayou Steamboats

Kelby Ouchley Bayou-Diversity July 8, 2018 Had you been sitting on the bank of Bayou Bartholomew several miles below Bastrop on the afternoon of December 13, 1857, you would have heard her piercing scream long before she came into view. Heavily laden with cotton bales, the steamboat W.W. Farmer eased cautiously along with the current. … Continue reading Bayou Steamboats

Bernice Dots #31

Bernice Historical Society Bernice Dots #31 By Cathy Buckley In the early 1960’s the Bernice Industrial Development Corporation was developed in Bernice with the hope of attracting new businesses to help the town grow.  Dr. W.C. Reeves served as president of BIDCO during its earliest years and the group sported a membership of 85 members … Continue reading Bernice Dots #31