Berdell Post Farrar.

The girl in the front is Berdell Post Farrar. I don't the others. If you know the others please post their names in the comments.

Porter Family Home in Shiloh, Louisiana 1903

From Ann Phillips Pearson. This picture was made at the Porter family home in Shiloh, Louisiana in 1903. James Tillman Porter, Sr., Martin Porter [baby], Sarah Francis Patrick Porter, Bertha Porter, Littleton Porter, Robert Porter, James T, Porter, Jr., Wesley Porter, John Porter. my mother, Jewel Porter Phillips, was born 2 year after picture was … Continue reading Porter Family Home in Shiloh, Louisiana 1903

Berdell Post Farrar

Madelaine Brock Lasseigne This is a photo taken approximately 1910. The young lady standing in the front was my Grandmother, Berdell Post Farrar. I don’t know the others in the picture. It was taken at the Lillie, La depot. I thought I would share it, maybe someone will know the others in the pic!