Patton Got Lost in Winn

The TimesShreveport, Louisiana02 Jul 1976 George Patton and his armored tank division got lost during the Army maneuvers in Louisiana in 1941 after crossing Red River one night from Natchitoches Parish into Winn. Patton's orders were to wipe out the enemy infantry division that was supposed to be in the Cootchie Brake and Wheeling area, … Continue reading Patton Got Lost in Winn

Experience Says ‘Don’t Trash Your History!’

Mary K. HamnerPiney Woods Journal Correspondent Local history is a great avenue for learning. Digging through family stories/genealogy and church history is encouragement for extending knowledge as you travel back through the ages to learn about the local folk. Their stories speak of a different time, an age that causes us to laugh and sometimes … Continue reading Experience Says ‘Don’t Trash Your History!’

Marching Through Louisiana’s War History

Wesley HarrisPiney Woods Journal Correspondent North Louisiana’s Military Museums Exhibit Mementos of Area’s Participation One way to tour the great state of Louisiana is to plan stops around a theme. You can visit a selection of state parks, art galleries, or antebellum homes. A number of planned tour routes are available online, including at, a … Continue reading Marching Through Louisiana’s War History

Louisiana ‘Maneuvers’ Bought ‘War’ to Region

Mary K. Hamner Piney Woods Journal Correspondent She was just a little girl and she was scared! The old kerosene lamp didn't make much light and that light flickered and caused eerie shadows across the walls of the room. Why was her Mother putting quilts over the windows? Was it to keep something or someone … Continue reading Louisiana ‘Maneuvers’ Bought ‘War’ to Region

Home Gardeners Helped Win Victory in the War

Wesley HarrisPiney Woods Journal Correspondent 1943. The world was at war. The needs of the American military diverted resources once devoted to building cars and feeding families to the war effort. People dutifully supported the fight by purchasing bonds, recycling scrap metal, volunteering, and knitting socks for soldiers. With much of the country's processed food … Continue reading Home Gardeners Helped Win Victory in the War

Farmerville Businesses 1939

The Gazette October 5, 1939 Farmerville Mercantile Chartered in 1913 Farmerville Mercantile Company, Ltd., is one of Farmerville's oldest business establishments. Chartered December 13, 1913 with the doors opened for business on January 1, 1914, this general mercantile store has grown to be on of the town's largest business establishments. The Stockholders in the beginning … Continue reading Farmerville Businesses 1939

Memories of One Woman’s Contribution to the War Industry Following Pearl Harbor

Vina Greer Henry December 8, 1941, 11:30 AM Central Standard Time, Athens High School, Athens, Louisiana. I will never forget this day, no matter how long I live. Mr. Whatley, the principal, called an assembly and turned on the radio for all to hear. The President of the United States was scheduled to address a … Continue reading Memories of One Woman’s Contribution to the War Industry Following Pearl Harbor

You Might Be

I am going to be honest and admit I found this on Facebook. It's cute and sometimes you need a laugh. ‘You might be a Louisianan if…’ 1. You can properly pronounce Lafayette, Bossier, Natchitoches, Opelousas, Shongaloo, Pontchartrain, Ouachita, and you know that New Orleans doesn’t have a long “e” sound anywhere in it. 2. … Continue reading You Might Be


Author Unknown One of the first settlers of record in the area that became Union Parish was a Mr. Linville from North Carolina. The area was still owned by the Spanish, but the governor of the Louisiana Territory had sent letters to Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama encouraging pioneer families to move … Continue reading Linville

Biographical And Historical Memoirs of Louisiana

The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1892 The soil of Union parish for the most part is a rich, sandy loam, varying in color and tenacity in different localities. There is some red land, a moderate area of outcropping of iron rock. Less than one-fifth of the parish is cleared for cultivation, the remainder being covered with timber. The first settlement … Continue reading Biographical And Historical Memoirs of Louisiana

The Train

From Facebook: At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents … Continue reading The Train

The Search for James Russell Coplen and George E. Copeland Facebook Group

The Search for James Russell Coplen and George E. Copeland Facebook Group is looking for a male Copeland or Coplen who has done or would be willing to do a yDNA test. We are trying to prove a relationship between James Russell and George. It may not prove they are brothers, but it would confirm (or … Continue reading The Search for James Russell Coplen and George E. Copeland Facebook Group