Spearsville Happenings

Barbara WaltonMay 19, 2011 You probably have guessed by now that I like to get my hands a little dirty digging in the dirt - in flowers and my little fence garden. This weekend was the beginning of payday, for I gathered four cucumbers, a tomato, romaine lettuce and some peppers - a wonderful salad … Continue reading Spearsville Happenings

Spearsville School

The Bernice JournalOctober 3, 1929 General Reporter, Maxine8th Grade, Fannie Peal Terrell9th Grade, Joe Carroll10th Grade, Burton Risinger11th Grade, Mary Elizabeth Carroll GENERAL SCHOOL NEWS The people of Spearsville are very much interested in the community fair which is to be held at the Spearsville High School on October the twenty first. It will be … Continue reading Spearsville School