Spearsville Happenings

Barbara WaltonDecember 29, 2009 For the past week or so the weather has been so cold that our world has gotten much smaller; limited to our family, church, doctor's office, and pharmacy. This tends to happen every January and February; therefore, I will need to relay on many of you to help me with news … Continue reading Spearsville Happenings

1952 Spearsville High Has Successful Baseball Year, Earns State Title

Submitted by Ike Futch Spearsville LouisianaMay 26, 1952 Last March when the Spearsville High School baseball players began loosening up their arms, swinging bats and taking their laps, not a single player would have thought they would win the state championship, but with a few potential hitters, some good pitching and lots of hustle they … Continue reading 1952 Spearsville High Has Successful Baseball Year, Earns State Title

4H Club News

The GazetteFebruary 8, 1939 Spencer Club Monday, January 9th Mr. Kennedy and Miss Nelson came on 4-H Club day. Some of the members changed their projects. We took in new members. John Doss Rushing and Reginald Spencer gave a demonstration on milk, which we enjoyed very much. Mr. Kennedy also gave a demonstration on sweet … Continue reading 4H Club News

“G-Men” Defeat Choudrant Oilers In Game at Hico

The GazetteJanuary 25, 1939 Spearsville, Jan. 21. The Spearsville "G-Men" defeated the Choudrant Oilers 71-53 at the Hico gymnasium Wednesday night. Both teams showed fine floor games but the keen eyes of Futch, G. Smith and F. Smith were too much for the Oilers, although they played a good game. On Wednesday, January 25, the … Continue reading “G-Men” Defeat Choudrant Oilers In Game at Hico

From Spearsville

The Gazette February 22, 1899 Since writing last, time has not ceased to record her incidents here but this correspondent has been deprived of sending them for publication. While nothing so very, very, strange has occurred, the following is penned for the consideration of the editor. The weather has been so exceptionally bad since this … Continue reading From Spearsville