North Louisiana Pilot Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross

The Richland Beacon-News2 October 1943Saturday This article was sent to me by my friend Luke J. Letlow. You can find him on RICHLAND ROOTS by Luke J. Letlow. When you are finished reading all about Union Parish go over there and check it out. 


The Shooting Death of Albert A. Carroll

Written by Robert A. Carroll A few years ago I began searching for information regarding the shooting death of my great grandfather Albert A. Carroll (1857-1893) in Marion. My father (Robert Lee Carroll, 1920-1989) related to me a story told to him by his father (Robert Garland Carroll, 1885-1944) about the shooting. According to the story … Continue reading The Shooting Death of Albert A. Carroll

The Family of Edna Liggin, Unofficial Parish Historian

Written by Maradee Liggin Cryer I grew up in Union Parish. We lived about seven miles from Bernice, Farmerville and Dubach. My roots are deep there as most of my ancestors came into Union and Lincoln Parishes in the years between 1844 and 1892. Exactly 100 years after my Liggin ancestors moved from Alabama to … Continue reading The Family of Edna Liggin, Unofficial Parish Historian

James Monroe Smith (1857-1931)

Provided by Robert Hendrick James M. Smith Obituary Shreveport Times Oct 7, 1931  Outstanding Citizen Former State Officer Native of Union Parish James Monroe Smith, 74, of the outstanding citizens of Shreveport, former registrar of the state land office and former state treasurer, died at his home, 657 Jordan Street, Tuesday morning at 6:30 O’clock, … Continue reading James Monroe Smith (1857-1931)

The History of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church

Written by Russell G. Adams August 5, 1995 The following information relative to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church is presented from handwritten notes, a typewritten Short History of Mt. Tabor, a newspaper clipping on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Church and information from members of the Church and the community. If after the … Continue reading The History of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church