Letter to the Editor

The Gazette
September 11, 1986

An Open Letter to all Tabors:

Do you realize that you had an ancestor, Lt. William Tabor, who was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War, and who is buried in a little family cemetery near Louisville, MS?

In July of this year, Bertie and Carlton Booles of Crossett, AR restored the topped over and broken obelisk monument to Lt. Tabor and his wife, Susannah Tubb Tabor. This family cemetery had grown up in trees, and the root of one had pushed up the base of the five foot monument.

The Tabors had buried a few of their people in this private cemetery on the 800 acres of farmland they had acquired when North Mississippi was opened to cotton planters. Lt. Tabor had led a wagon train of settlers up from south Alabama.

On of the sons of William Tabor and Susannah Tubb Tabor, Elijah Tabor and wife, Susan Sims, and their family migrated in the middle 1840’s to Union Parish and settled at Shiloh.

Mr. and Mrs. Booles would like to see a storm fence enclosing the little cemetery, that now is surrounded by trees, whose canopy overhead make the spot a sacred out-door cathedral. They could appreciate any help other Tabor descendants can give in preserving this history that is represented by those buried in this bit of Mississippi soil.

Lt. William Tabor died June 4, 1844. His wife, Sussannah, died in 1852.

Edna Liggin,
A descendant of William and Susannah Tabor

One thought on “Letter to the Editor

  1. William Tabor was my 3rd cousin five times removed, his wife Susannah Tabor my 3rd great grand aunt.

    The Tubb/Tabor families are, outside of Ashkenazi Jewish, Piney (Pines of south NJ) and Appalachia the most profound case of endogamy that I have come across in my research. There is so much intermarriage between these two families.

    My 3rd great grandmother, karenhappuck Tubb was the daughter of double first cousins. I wonder if any Tubb Tabor descendants have 6 digits on hands and/or feet.


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