From Cherry Ridge

The Gazette
October 25, 1899

The dreary monotonous autumn days are now upon us and those autumnal rains of last week brought to our memory the fact that the old year was dying.

Farmers are busy harvesting, and o’possum hunters are ravaging the woods, so it is quite usual to hear the blast of the hunter’s horn each night.

Miss Audrey Davis is much improved since her return from St. Louis.

Miss Murphy of Natchez, La., is visiting her sister Mrs. Lee Tatum.

The Davis family were saddened on hearing the intelligence of the death of Mrs. W. T. Hudson, of Hillsboro, which sad event occurred on the 13th inst.

Messrs. W. R. Goyne and John H. Green entered the State University at Baton Rouge, last week.

Our popular cattle man, Mr. M. G. Simmons, started for Texas a few days ago with the horses he failed to dispose of.

Will now desist. With success to The Gazette and its many readers.


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