From Farmerville

The Gazette
September 12, 1900

To Delinquents

About October 1st I will send statements to parties indebted to me for subscriptions to The Gazette, also on running accounts and notes. Several persons have been getting The Gazette for years without paying for it. Unless they settle up this fall, the paper will be stopped. If you don’t want to get a “dun” please pay what you owe me by October 1.   J. G. Trimble.

Jury and witness claims cashed at The Gazette office.

Mr. Ludwig Hartman has sold his livery outfit to Mr. Duke Selig.

Best babbitt metal at this office. The best is the cheapest.

Mr. Jones J. Booth and Miss Mollie Love were married Sunday. Eld. Henry Archer officiated.

We are told that Bernice had bought this season about  a hundred bales of cotton up to Saturday.

Cane mills and evaporating pans.  MONROE HARDWARE CO. (LTD).

Mr. L. Forno, a popular New Orleans shoe drummer, was in Farmerville Tuesday.

The Concord Baptist Association will meet to-day in Downsville.

FOR SALE – 8 yoke work oxen and log wagon.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Atkinson visited Ruston the first of this week.

Mr. Guy Barr, of Ouachita ward, entered the Industrial Institute at Ruston Tuesday.

Messrs. Borden and Duff, representing Monroe firms, are in town on business to-day.

If you contemplate buying a piano, iron safe or any sort of machinery, apply at The Gazette office. Can save you money.

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Thomas returned to their home in Shreveport Monday after three weeks’ visit in Farmerville

Several bridges and crossings about Farmerville are in need of repair. Our town authorities should see after them.

The trustees of Farmerville Institute have not yet succeeded in securing teachers for our school for next session.

Miss Jessie Manning and Mr. Crawford Manning went to Ruston Monday to enter the Industrial Institute, which opened yesterday.

A new lot of ledgers, record books and different kinds of stationery just received at The Gazette office.

Miss Louise Trimble left Monday morning for New York City, where she will take a post graduate course at Barnard College.

This is the season of the year to get your gin machinery in repair. Best sort of babbit metal at The Gazette office. Lowest prices.

Rev. Mr. Jameson, of Bastrop, was in Farmerville Tuesday, in the interest of the Baptist Chronicle.

Hon. E. T. Sellers, of Walnut Lane, was in Farmerville Monday to accompany home his daughter, Miss Lottie. She recently closed a summer school at Ward’s Chapel.

Wagons! Wagons!! Wagons!!! We have on hand a large stock of the celebrated HICKMAN wagons.  MONROE HARDWARE CO., (LT’D).

The price of cotton jumped up over a cent a pound last week. The stuff may go higher but it is now at a price where all farmers could afford to sell.

Mr. B. T. Hopkins, a pushing merchant of Marion, was a caller at our office Monday. He says four deaths occurred Friday and Saturday in Marion vicinity.

Sheriff C. H. Murphy left Sunday to convey Leroy Hicks to the penitentiary. He was convicted at the recent sitting of court of manslaughter. His attorneys asked for an appeal to the supreme court, but later on withdrew their application.

A holiness camp meeting will be commenced at Ouachita on Friday, Oct 5, and will be conducted for ten days. It will be conducted by Mrs. Bessie Morris and others and the song service will be under the supervision of Mr. Johnnie Morris.

Miss Carrie Heard, of Shiloh, has been elected to teach music in Junction City district school.

There is now only one prisoner in the Union Parish jail. He is a negro named Oscar Caldwell and is under indictment for murder.

The Everett Baptist Association will hold their annual session at Meridian church from Wednesday, 19th, inst., to Friday 21st inst. We are requested to state that by order of the church no lemonade stands, hobby horses or loose trading stock will be allowed on the grounds during the session.


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