Change and More Change!

Pearl Harris

I was changing the brush on my electric tooth brush and my mind went flying back to when I was a child. We didn’t have a toothbrush, but we had a substitute – we brushed or rather cleaned our teeth. The substitute was a little rag about 3 inches square. We dampened it with water and put a little baking soda in the palm of our hand and dipped our rag in the soda and scrubbed away on our teeth. It must have done a pretty good job – it made our teeth really white and at 95 I still have all my teeth – except one. I broke on last Christmas eating “trash”. If I had stopped when I broke the first piece – it would have been OK. But the bowl of “trash” said “come on – I’m so good”. What am I going to do when “trash” time rolls around this Christmas? Everyone loves my “trash”.

Anyway, I got my first toothbrush when my oldest brother went to work at Dowdy’s Drug Store in Junction City. I probably was a teenager. I only visited my first dentist during WWII and had to have my wisdom teeth removed. Boy, it was quite an ordeal. But now, thank goodness they have new ways to make it easier. After the war I always went to Dr. Wick in Bernice – even after we moved to Farmerville. He was a great dentist, I’m glad we can keep our own teeth – I don’t care for “store bought” ones. I told you things had changed – even Christmas is come earlier every year – or so it seems. I won’t say “Merry Christmas” now to you but I bet I’ll be making “trash” before the holidays; if not for me – for my friends. They love my ‘trash” because I bake it longer than the recipe says and it’s so “good and crunchy”. But I will tell you to “keep on brushing” and to be thankful for our “choppers”.

P. S. In case you don’t know what “trash” is – it’s Chex Party Mix!


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