Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 26, 2009

Spring has sprung! Not only are we seeing redbuds and dogwoods dressed in their beautiful spring colors, but the birds awaken us with beautiful music, gardens are being tilled, people are out and about, and we have experienced the most delightful bluebird weather.

Prayer meetings throughout our area have been held as hundreds of people have sought God’s divine wisdom and guidance in the terrible situation of the poultry business. God heard our prayers and had compassion on His people. Sunday was a day of thanksgiving for the help that came from the bankers, our governor and senators, and faith of all the Christians of this parish that God cares for us. Three growers in our church, Ann and Charles Sones, Bobby & Joan Smith, Dillion Pillgreen, would have been financially devastated, as well as several workers in the plant, if the plant had not been bought by this company in CA. For all of these we give God the glory and praise.

Every way we turn, it seems, we are reminded of another blessing that has been bestowed upon us. Betty and Bruce Barron are proud to announce the birth of their new granddaughter, Evie, who was born on St. Pat’s Day. That birthday will be easy to remember.

Joan Smith was able to play the piano on Sunday. It was good to see that and we are so thankful that she is slowly able to be back to her regular routine.

Progress is being made on the property adjacent to the park. With some help from the state, we will be able to make some needed repairs, including a new roof & paint on the Little Yellow House that was given to the Village of Spearsville by Mrs. Pat Freeman from New Mexico (she is a niece of Helen Sims & Arkie Pryor). Hopefully, we’ll be able to add a paved circular trail through the trees for a wooded walk; this all depends on whether the Police Jury crew can get their equipment through the trees. We are being optimistic; John Rhodes and Calvin Hollis went out and planned the course; then Calvin took his tractor and cleaned the area for the trail. Steve Bodine plans to take the fire truck down and burn the piles of debris. I tell you it is just great to live in a place like Spearsville where people are not only civic-minded, but put their thoughts into deeds without expecting any pay. If all the others of us will also step up to the plate and ask “What can I do?” we can make great things happen. Many of you enjoy this beautiful park. Let the mayor know and volunteer to help.

We pray for God’s comfort to Betty Barron and her family in this great time of sorrow; the death of her father, Bryan Bazar. It’s always hard to lose a loved one, but especially one so active and vibrant. After retiring from the US Postal Service, he continued to be the chaplain of the VA Hospital in Shreveport. In fact he and his son – Dr. Larry Bazer, a minister in FL, had planned a trip to the Holy Land this week. Betty took comfort in the fact that she had been in Shreveport with her new grandchild and had been able to have several visits with him over the past few days. It never ceases to amaze me how God works everything out for us – His children.

Bonnie Rhodes, Debbie Plummer and their traveling companions returned from their trip to Hawaii with some horror stories such as: two weeks of rain –, cold windy rain, – a “bug” on board the ship that quarantined many and kept others constantly using anti-bacteria spray, the smell of disinfectant made even eating on a cruise not so enjoyable; otherwise they had a wonderful time; especially seeing the dolphins playing and the great whales blowing in the blue water of the Pacific Ocean.

Our church will recognize the fourth anniversary of Bro. James & his wife Shirley’s pastorate at Spearsville Baptist Church with a pot luck dinner after the services on Sunday. we invite anyone who will to come and enjoy this time with us. Also, there will be a regular fifth Sunday singing at Mt. Union on Sunday night with the combined churches of the area.

Thought for the Day:

MUSIC IS A MORAL LAW. It gives soul to the universe; wings to the mind; flight to the imagination and charm & gaiety to life and to everything else. –Plato–


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