Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 15, 2010

God has given us such beautiful weather for the past two weeks, that it is hard to stay inside and do such mundane things as writing. If your yard is like mine, the honeysuckle and wisteria vines have about taken over, to say nothing of all those little oaks that have sprouted from those zillions and zillions of acorns that had fallen last Fall. Working in the yard has recharged my batteries and I’m back on track – may be.

The little Village of Spearsville had a wonderful Easter with the church filled with all our grownup kids and grandchildren that were visiting back home. I dare not try to name everyone but I did not that Ann Stone-Heard had all of her family except two grandsons, Justin and Adam. The Sones Family, Ann and Charles, was right in front of me with the latest member of their family – a little great grandson who never got a chance to cry as he was passed from one to the other. Carolyn Ivey, our pianist, had her daughter, Jessica, and her baby. I saw Brad Smith sitting with his parents, Bobby and Joan. There were many others visiting but I was sitting in the back and couldn’t see everybody and I apologize for not taking note of all the visitors. It’s always good to see our kids home with their kids and grands.

Vergil Rhodes spent over a week in the hospital in El Dorado trying to get him back on his feet and he has now been transferred to the Arbor Lake in Farmerville for additional rehab. This is much more enjoyable for him and it is certainly a plus for the family as so many live in the West Monroe area. Billy Rea, also, spent several days in the hospital in El Dorado. He is home now and doing much better; however, he is on oxygen for 12 hrs. each day. Yesterday, Billy felt like riding the lawn mower down to the pond to feed the fish. This is a big improvement. Jennifer Lenard gave us a report on Danny Manning; he is improving, slowly, and has been taken off the ventilator since he was transferred to Glenwood Hospital in West Monroe. Being in Monroe is so much easier on his mother, Joyce, to be with him. Peggy is able to stay for several hours by herself. She has home health care each day and family members/friends come in to help her in or out of the wheelchair as needed. Her granddaughter, Angela McDonald from Little Rock, came Saturday and that really was a bright spot for her. Continue to pray for each of these, that I have mentioned, for God’s healing hand and his comfort in the days ahead.

John Rhodes celebrated his birthday Sunday. Little granddaughter, Lexie, picked out a special card for him with Mickey Mouse on it. With her mother’s help, she was able to write her name; this card from his four year old sweetheart will be long remembered.

Billy Rea’s two sisters, Nelda and Sherry, with their spouses, R. B. Harris and Howard Peterson, came for a short visit on Sunday afternoon. That really perked him up.

Bro. James delivered a good message yesterday that emphasized the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as being the greatest miracle on the face of this Earth. The second greatest miracle was providing a way for man, though sinful in nature, to be a, joint heir and live an eternity in a prepared place – Heaven with God and his Son Jesus Christ, our savior. It’s a blessing, beyond belief to serve such a loving and merciful Father, and always have Jesus Christ as our advocator.

Sunday afternoon I received a call from Barrett Malone who lives in Honolulu with his parents, Deanna and Allen. Barrett has started baseball season with two games behind him. He has pitched some in both games with a win in each. In one of the innings that he pitched he got three men out with only 10 pitches. That sounds good to me and I know it does to the proud grandparents, Ducky & Diana Colvin and Bro. Charles and Sue Malone. Barrett also told me that Riley, his six-yr. old brother, is, also, playing in another league and is playing well. He expressed wishes that he lived close enough for his grandparents to see him play. Perhaps when they get transferred back to the Lower-Forty -eight that will be possible.

Our condolences go out to the Earl Risinger Family who went to be with the Lord this past week. Over the years he has been loved and card for by an aunt, Raelda Patterson Lowery, and his cousins, Cheryl Lowery Chandler, Brenda Patterson Futch, Sally Patterson Hearne, Bobby Patterson, Gwenda Patterson Futch, and Brent Patterson.

Thought for the Day

Life is a gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to those who come after. Have a fantastic one by making each day great – moment by moment and day by day!!


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