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The Bernice News-Journal
Thursday, January 7, 1960

Farmerville Girls Injured in Car Wreck Sunday

Four teenage girls were injured one critically about 5 p.m. Sunday when the automobile in which they were riding left the road near Farmerville and crashed into a roadside ditch.

In critical condition at Ruston Hospital is Dawn Tucker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Tucker of Farmerville.

According to her attending physician, she is “in very critical condition,”

She was reportedly suffering from severe shock, a crushed chest and abdomen, a broken pelvis and two broken arms.

Others injured in the accident, which occurred approximately one mile north of Farmerville, were Ann Tucker, who suffered a broken arm; Janice Futch, who sustained a badly sprained wrist and Nan Tucker, who was treated for minor cuts and bruises. All are of Farmerville.

A fifth passenger in the care, William Lee Stucky of Longview, Texas, was not injured.

The automobile was demolished.

BAND BOOSTERS CLUB TO MEET. A meeting of the Bernice Band Boosters Club is scheduled for 7:00 P. M. Tuesday, January 11th.

Largest Texas Daily Published Jan. 1st. The largest single edition of a Texas newspaper ever published, at total of 500 pages, was produced by the Longview Daily News and Journal, January 1. The previous record of 480 pages was established by the Ft. Worth Stat – Telegram in 1949. This was the Longview newspapers 25 annual East Texas progress edition.

Forest Ranger Thanks Citizens. The calendar of ’59 has just ended and Forest Ranger Jack E. Rockett would like to thank the people of Union Parish for their wonderful cooperation in fire protection. “Even though our acreage loss per fire was higher than for the past two years, we were fortunate the fire rate was no higher. An unusually dense growth of vegetation and a critically dry period in November created a fire hazard that only with the cooperation of the people were we able to keep the fire loss to a minimum.

Congress Passman Will Return to Washington Next Week

Beginning his 14th consecutive year as a member of Congress, U. S. Representative Otto E. Passman will return to Washington next week, voting in Saturday’s election. His major efforts in this year’s Congressional session will again include, he told the News-Journal, the slashing of foreign aid funds, opposition to “civil rights” and federal school-aid proposals, and support of the enactment of improved agricultural liegistlation.

This week’s Congressional activity, he pointed out, consists of the routine procedure of convening and the receipt of the President’s State of the Union message. The actual business of the session, he said will not get underway until next week.

Congressman Passman made this brief statement concerning his plans for the session:

“A in the past, I will fight vigorously for the preservation of state sovereignty and the safe guarding of the people’s Constitutional rights. I will oppose all of the so-called civil rights proposals, as well as the dangerous federal school-aid measures.”

“While concentrating upon cutting more wasteful spending from government, and particularly from the foreign-aid program. I also will work actively toward enactment of improved agricultural legislation, and for continuation of the vitally-important field control program in our district and state and elsewhere in the lower Mississippi Valley.

“It will continue to be my over all purpose to support legislation which, after careful study, I consider constructive, while opposing proposals which I believe are not in the best interest of the people.”

A member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee Congressman Passman is chairman of the subcommittee on Foreign Operations appropriations and Vice-chairman of the Treasury and Post Office Appropriations subcommittee.

Weekly Papers’s Circulation Up. The nation’s 9,025 weekly newspapers’ 1959 newsprint consumption totaled 263,000 tons and the combined circulation of 21,000,000 was the highest in history. Ten years ago there were 9,800 weekly papers with only 16,000,000 circulation.


Spearsville Vocational Agriculture News

James L. Burns

Spearsville High School

The Spears FFA Chapter held its monthly meeting Dec. 10 in the Vocations Agriculture Department. Hez Elkins, FFA President, called the meeting to order, after the opening ceremonies, several items of business were acted upon. This being our Christmas meeting the following program was presented:

Christmas Poems by Eddie Burns, The Christmas Story by Bro. Denton, Pastor Spearsville Baptist Church, Christmas carols by entire Chapter.

On Friday night, Dec. 11 the Spearsville FFA Chapter met in the High School Gym to initiate the Greenhands (first year Vo-Ag students). Greenhands being initiated were Donnie Williams, Orville Bryant, Jimmy Post, Gary Mason, Billy Rex Davis, Tom Elkins, Bernard Taylor, Eddie Rex Barron, Kenneth Dison, Kelly Ray Hollis and Hugh Wesley Poston. Upon examination the chapter voted to accept the boys info the chapter and after several pranks were enjoyed an assortment of sandwiches, cakes cookies and cold drinks. Gifts were exchanged and after a lengthy session of basketball, the meeting was adjourned.

The Chapter held its annual Christmas fried chicken supper in the Gym Dec. 29.

The Spearsville Vo-Ag Department is happy to announce the opening of its Food Preservation Laboratory. The Center will be open for inspection Jan. 11, 1960 at 7:20 P. M. We hope the patrons of the school will take this opportunity to look over the new facility.


Enjoying a Christmas dinner Saturday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Harris were members of her family, Mr.a and Mrs. M. H. Stroud of Baton Rouge, Mrs. Tena Carter of Oak Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Moreland, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot O’Rear and son Bobby, Mrs. Nobie Carroll and Miss Bell O’Rear, all of Homer, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Greening and children, Kenny and Carol Lyn of Shreveport.

Mrs. L. P. Whiteside spent several day with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ackel and children in Natchitoches.

Miss Sharon Hollis of Linville spent several days last week with Dianne and Michael Graves.

Holiday guests of Mrs. L. H. Pratt were James Pratt of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Van H. Pratt, Carol and Cherrie of Ruston, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Pratt, Salli and Beth of St. Petersburg, Fla., Mr. and Mrs. Tom Terrell of Farmerville were other visitors during the Holidays.

Rev. R. B. Middleton is on the sick list.

Miss Martha Jean Roberson spent part of the last week with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Howell and children, Janice Richard and Brenda at Simsboreo.

Mrs. Tommy Neal and Nancy of West Monroe spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. R. B. Autrey.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Grafton of Monroe and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Butler of Texarkana visited their mother, Mrs. J. M. Butler during the holidays. Mrs. Butler accompanied her son and daughter-in-law home to spend two weeks.

Ronald Glynn and Mrs. Pat Tubbs, with Miss Virginia Roach spent Sunday in Bastrop with Virginia’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Deason Roach.

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Heard spent two of the holidays with Sheriff and Mrs. Jurd Steward in Farmerville.

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Walsworth and Tommy, Mr. and Mrs. Caroll Caldwell and Glenda and Mrs. Ruby Caldwell were dinner guests. Christmas Day of the Foreman family in Monroe.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Pesnell and daughters, Dot and Ann, of Houma visited Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Tanner and Mildred Ann during the holidays. Ann Pesnell is Mildred Ann’s roommate of La. Tech.

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Pratt attended the Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans New Years Day.

ROY TALLEY WILL JOIN in the fight to maintain segregation. Rally for Talley – Vote No. 80 – State Senator.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Head and family of Marion visited the J. B. Graves family Sunday.

Mrs. H. E. Colvin, Mrs. G. C. Black, Annetta and Lesca Colvin and Sara Autrey were shoppers in Shreveport Thursday.

Capt. and Mrs. Robert Crum and family of Aberline, Texas were week-end guests of her sister, Mrs. W. R. Lynn, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Turberville of Strong, Mrs. Maxine Hendricks of Memphis and Mrs. L. R. Norris and son, David, of El Dorado were holiday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Graves.

Dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mrs. Pearl Strickland were Capt. and Mrs. M. E. Kidd and Mrs. Faye White of Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Goss and children, Mrs. Albert Paine and children.

Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Tanner and Mildred Ann visited Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Taylor at Pineville during the holidays.

Mrs. Lanier Dees and son Tom of Hidelburg, Miss, were dinner guests during the holidays of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Farrar.

Ronald Tubbs from the U. S. A. Academy, Glynn Tubbs from Northeast, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Tubbs and Toby of Shreveport and Miss Virginia Roach of Bastrop were holiday guests of Mrs. Pat Tubbs.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Green and daughter, Nancy of Chandler, Texas visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Green and his mother during the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Till and baby of Corona , N. M., Mr. and Mrs. Billy Till of Linville visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C . Till for the holidays.

Mrs. J. T. Nix, Sr. of Pineville and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Nix, Jr. and family of Jonesboro were dinner guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Caldwell and Glenda Sue.

Mrs. H. H. Stokes visited Mrs. C. W. Enloe in Dubach Friday.

FOR SALE: One green Chrysler 2-door car – Cheap, Phone 3431.

CARD OF THANKS This is to say a warm and heartfelt “Thank You” for all the beautiful cards, letters and your prayers during our anxious hours. Our fervent prayer is that God will bless and keep you throughout the coming year. Clara Peterson, Tulsa Okla; Roy Peterson, Veterans Hosp., Muskogie, Okla; SP i James Peterson, Germany.

Roy Talley will always be available to discuss your problems with you and will spend on day each week in Union Parish. Rally for Talley – Vote NO 80 – State Senator.

WANTED — Lady housekeeper or elderly couple to live on place. Phone 6907. Mrs. M. L. Butler, Lillie.


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