The Court House Question

The Gazette
June 10, 1903

Today is the time fixed for a special session of the police jury of Union Parish to consider the question of constructing a new court house. For years the public spirited people of Union Parish have recognized the demand for — yes, the necessity for — a more pretentious and up-to-date building; but till now our parish finances have been to short that this much desired improvement could not be undertaken.

Now, we are happy to state that the parish is in fine shape financially. By paying a small premium for the past two years, it has been able to cash all its obligations as they fell due. The parish assessment is constantly growing, which means increased revenues.

We are progressing financially, and hence we should keep in the march of progress in the way of public improvements. This year the police jury should arrange for the construction of a pretty and modern court house, and also for two or three good and substantial iron bridges across the streams of the parish. Arrangements can be made whereby these improvements can be secured by paying a certain amount each year, and with our increasing revenues the cost will not be felt.

While on this subject, we would remind the police jury that a new court house is a building probably for years to come, and therefore the body should not stand back on a few thousand dollars in order to get an up-to-date, convenient and modern structure. Let us have a new temple of justice; and let it be a building that will be a credit to Union Parish, an ornament to her capital city, and one of which the police jury that contracted for it will ever be proud.






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