Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
January 18, 1905

Hunters take notice no further trespassing will be allowed on my plantation under penalty of the law. M. J. Pearson.

Mr. Clifton Matthews made a visit to Bernice the first part of this week.

Mr. Joe Ramsey of Victoria, Ark. is in town this week.

FREE TUITION TO ALL in Harris Bus. College, Jackson, Miss.

Mr. H. W. Regan of Ruston is in Farmerville this week.

A full line of new school books list received at THE GAZETTE OFFICE.

Large assortment of the best fountain pens for sale at THE GAZETTE OFFICE.

A bank at Lafayette, Ala., was dynamited and robbed of $40,000 last Monday.

Mr. Van Pierce has about completed his beautiful little cottage on Main street.

Mr. J. Maroney recently purchased the Montgomery residence and lot in the eastern part of town.

The Steamer Handy was at our landing Tuesday with a full load of fright for our merchants.

Miss Reita Hartman will leave tomorrow (Thursday) for Natchitoches, La., where she goes to attend the State Normal Institute.

We learn that the plat of ground surrounding the deport at Marion is soon to be divided into town lots and sold.

We have just received a car load of wagons and buggies and will sell them cheap. J. D. BAUGAMAN.

Attorneys Roberts, Barksdale and Clayton of Ruston are in Farmerville this week attending court.

Mr. A. J. Bell, former editor of the Ruston Leader was in Farmerville last week.

Mrs. Mattie M. Lee of Arcadia is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sue L. Barnes in Farmerville.

For sale cheap for cash or for approved paper, 1 good iron safe. J. G. TRIMBLE.

The trial of H. R. Johnston and H. W. Williams in Coushatta, last week for the murder of J. P. Watkins some time ago resulted in an acquittal for the accused.

The English Government has sent a man to Louisiana to study the cotton industry. It is up to Louisiana to teach him how not to raise too much.

Just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons, and a car of surreys and buggies, call on me before purchasing. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Gov. Blanehard has called a meeting of the various assessors throughout the State to meet on Jan. 30th for a promotion of a more equitable assessment.

The cold wave we have had for the past few days is the coldest that has visited this section. The thermometer registered 18 degree above zero Sunday morning and we are told that it was still lower earlier in the morning.

Furniture Store.

Don’t you want some furniture, a working stove or a heater? I have received a car load of furniture consisting of bed-room suits, tables, chairs, dressers, rockers, safes, wardrobes, beds, mattresses, bed springs, etc. When you want furniture, price may goods and I will suit you. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

The Monroe Progressive League has succeeded in getting the Iron Mountain railroad to put in its division terminals in that city. This will be a big thing for Monroe as the various improvements to be made by the Iron Mountain will cost in the neighborhood of $200,000 and will employ about 400 men.

We are glad to state that Mr. M. J. Pearson’s eyes, which caused him to make a trip to Hot Springs recently for treatment, are a great deal better and he expects to return home tomorrow.

Notice to all parties whom I have bought seed from on contract, will get same ready for shipment stored at warehouse, at all times I am still paying cash for seed. JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Co.


State of La, Auditor’s Office, Baton Rouge, La., Jan, 1st. 1905.

To Tax Collectors:

Dear Sir:

Your attention is respectfully called to section 40 Act 170 of 1898, which requires that all taxes unpaid on the 31st day of Dec. of each and every year, shall be at interest at the rate of two per cent per month from said date.

Please act accordingly and oblige, Yours Respt. Paul Capdeville, Auditor of Public Accts.

Referring to the above letter of Auditor of Public Accts. of the State, the public will see I have no discretionary power, consequently I would urge all tax-payers to come forward and pay at once.

J. W. Taylor, Tax Collector.
January 18, 1905

The Jews of Russia are flocking to America in ever increasing numbers being assisted by an organization of American Jews under the name of Jewish Agriculturist Aid Society.

Two rival expeditions after an alleged pirate treasure on Cocas is land off Panama headed by Lord Fitzwilliam of England and Harold W. S. Gray clashed upon reaching the island and had quite a fight in which the party headed by Lord Fitzwilliam was beaten off.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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