Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
February 8, 1905

This is great weather for the (?).

Mrs. Sue L. Barnes is sick with grippe.

We regret to learn that Sidney (?) of Bernice is seriously sick.

FREE TUITION TO ALL in Harris Bus. College, Jackson, Miss.

Mr. Bert Bridges an old and regular drummer has been here for several days.

Oil has been discovered about (?) miles south of Shreveport on the Kansas City Southern Railroad.

We have just received a car load of wagons and buggies and will sell them cheap. J. D. BAUGAMAN.

The severe weather which is on us is no doubt the worst that the country has seen for many years.

The drummers of Louisiana are having a special parade during the carnival in New Orleans.

On account of the bad weather Farmerville had no mail from Croudrant Sunday.

A full line of new school books have been received at THE GAZETTE OFFICE.

Assessor Murphy went to Monroe last week to attend the Assessors Convention at that place.

The fruit bearing trees are the first at which the stores are always expected.

Just received a car load of the celebrated Weber wagons, and a car of surreys and buggies, call on me before purchasing. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Miss Maud Selig left last Wednesday for Bernice where she goes to tend the bedside of her sick brother, Sidney Selig.

We just received a car load of Fertilizer, Acid Phosphate and Cotton Bol. Get our prices before buying. J. D. BAUGAMAN.

Mr. Edward Everett and Dr. J. Taylor left Monday for New Orleans, where they go to attend Masonic Grand Lodge which is there.

Large assortment of the best fountain pens for sale at THE GAZETTE OFFICE.

Baton Rough was visited by an earth quake last Friday which caused quite a panic in the capital city for a short while.

Express Office Open.

On and after Jan., 24th the Pa(?) Express Office in Farmerville will be open for business. SIM BURK, Agt.

Police Jury met in regular session Monday morning, and despite very severe weather all members were present except two.

For sale cheap for cash or for approved paper, 1 good iron safe. J. G. TRIMBLE.

It is to be hoped that the reaction the market which is past at present will continue on a upward course unmolested.

About the latter part of February or the 1st of March, Miss May Bird will open up a nice line of finery goods in the store of W. Purnag, Farmerville. Miss Bird was in St. Louis selecting her lately. Call and see her goods as soon as she receives them.

General Steven D. Lee, commander in chief of the Confederate Veterans has announced that the annual reunion will be at (?), Kansas, June 14, 15, and 16, 1905.

Furniture Store.

Don’t you want some furniture, a working stove or a heater? I have received a car load of furniture consisting of bed-room suits, tables, chairs, dressers, rockers, safes, wardrobes, beds, mattresses, bed springs, etc. When you want furniture, price may goods and I will suit you. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Dr. A. R. Tarkington died suddenly last Saturday night at Hot Springs, Ark., where he had resided for the past year or two. Dr. Tarkington was reared in Union Parish, and his many friends will learn with regret of his untimely demise.

We learn of a distressing tragedy which occurred at Bernice last week between Wickliffe Roberts and Clarance Roberts, sons of Judge W. R. Roberts formerly of Farmerville.

It seems that Clarence had been drinking hard for several days and his brother remonstrated with him about it and asked him to go home when Clarence pulled out his pistol and fired at Wickliffe who then grabbed the pistol and fired a shot at Clarance , which caused his death the next day.

Another Big Fire in Ruston.

Ruston was visited by another big fire last Thursday morning (February 2nd) which destroyed a whole block of frame buildings and caused a loss of about $40,000 covered by about $25,250 insurance.

The fire started in the building occupied by Fever and Goldberg on Trenton street and the whole block extending from the Ruston State bank on the north to Thompson, Richie & Co. on the south, seven buildings in all were burned.

This big fire coming so soon after the one which visited Ruston in December makes it pretty hard on the town.

General Miles of the United States Army has explained, after a lapse of forty years why he subjected President Jeff Davis to the disgrace of putting shackles on him. He states that he was ordered to do so from headquarters until an iron door could be substituted for the wooden one of President Davis’ cell.


The venire drawn for February and March is set aside and a new on will be drawn for March and April. January 30, 1905. EDWARD EVERETT, Clerk of Court.

A fast train at Hornellsville, N. Y. his a sleigh full of women at a crossing and killed ten.

‘Tis a pity that that fellow Hoch who had such a mania for marring did not run across Mrs. Chadwick.


Your corporation tax is now due and must be paid withing the next thirty days. Please call at my office and settle. J. K. ATKINSON, Marshal.

Birmingham, Ala. was visited by a half million dollar fire February 4th.

The way the New Orleans Item is scorching the rotten police force of that city is a caution.

Nikola Tesla again promises that we shall soon communicate with Mars. Nikola is a promising young man.


I am selling “Stubbs’ Formular for cotton and corn.” Guaranteed analysis. Orders’ respectfully solicited.


We have a choice assortment in the latest books which have just arrived. This stock was ordered for the holiday trade but was delayed, therefore we are selling them cheap. If you want something good to read call at THE GAZETTE office and look over our stock.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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