Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
April 23, 2009

On Wednesday Spearsville Baptist Church was host to the quarterly associational meeting the Union/Concord WOM. There were approximately thirty–five in attendance. After the keynote speaker and the regular business session, a salad luncheon provided by women of the Spearsville church family, was enjoyed by everyone. There was enough food left for a meal at prayer meeting that night. A good time was had by all.

This week was very special to me as I had a visit from my daughter, Shana and her friend Patrick Makin. Patrick rented a cabin at Lake D’Arbonne Park so we spent a lot of time there. They went canoeing and walking the trails while I just sat on the back deck and enjoyed the beauty. Union Parish has a park to be proud of and it is the best kept secret of our area. If you haven’t seen it, please take a drive there and share this with your out-of-state friends and family. You’ll be glad you did and so will they. The cabins are wonderful; they will sleep eight up to thirty five or forty, according to the size; a great place for a family reunion. Be warned you need to make early reservations.

Bruce and Betty Barron had three very special guests at church, Sunday; their new granddaughter, Evie, grandson, Jacob and daughter Kelli. I didn’t see Bruce turn loose of Evie the entire time; he is a very proud “Papa”, indeed and we are excited for them as they enjoy these beautiful grandchildren and they share them with us. Children grow so fat we are looking forward to their next visit.

Bro. James and Shirley had a special week, also, with their daughter, Jan and grandson, Josh who will be graduating from high school this year. Bro. James took advantage of encouragement from Jan and muscle from Josh and did a little re-decorating which involved moving the den furniture as well as the living room stuff. He was so “stove up” he had to call in Jennifer and Remona to substitute for him at a meeting in Farmerville (I heard). Age might be catching up; hmm!! What do you think? Just teasing.

Denise and Tim Clement enjoyed entertaining long-time friends, this week, in their new home – the Dudley House. They met in Beaufort, SC over twenty-five years ago, and were so happy to renew a friendship, talk over old times in the beautiful atmosphere of Spearsville; of course, Hollis’s, next door was an added bonus.

The family of Purvis Christian ask for your continued prayers for Purvis as he is still having serious problems with his heart. Hopefully, the doctors can find just the right therapy that will have him back at home and on his feet once again.

Joanne Rockett Miller has had a return of the infection that she suffered with for so long last summer. She is to have surgery, in Shreveport, this week once again. Joanne is such a vibrant, people person; we look forward to this infection being cured so she can resume her normal activities. Our prayers are with her this week.

We have another new family in Spearsville, Penny Thurmon Tedeton and her husband Oscar. I saw her out planting flowers and walked over from the town hall to introduce myself; discovered that I knew her already from her school days at Lillie Middle School. Our Village of Spearsville looks forward to getting to know them once again as they become an integral part of this community. Welcome!!!

Thought for the Day

The nobler sort of man emphasizes the good qualities in others and does not accentuate the bad; the inferior does the reverse. – Confucius


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