Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 10, 2009

Early last Tuesday night a couple of kids set out, in their dark SUV, armed with a baseball bat, to just have a little fun, smashing mailboxes, up and down Spearsville Road and Carroll Loop. Little did they know that this is serious business; in fact, it is a crime – a Federal crime – and certainly not a laughing matter. Everyone should look around and see if anything “clicks”; notify the Union Parish Sheriff’s office or drop by the post office in Spearsville if you have any information. This needs to be stopped!! Ned Barron told me that this has happened to him two or three times before and Celeste Post told me the same thing. It not only causes problems for the homeowner but the carrier as well.

Shirley Miller was able to come home from the hospital late Wednesday. Bro. James reports that she is walking much better and not dizzy anymore. She begins her at home therapy on Tuesday. Joanne Rockett Miller is getting back on her feet and even out in the car some. Her checkup, Monday, was great. J. T. Saunders had his heart surgery this week and is improving but still has a way to go. Continue to remember him as well as Patsy, Renee’ and Bill in this recovery time.

Betty Barron went to Shreveport to see Kelli, Jeremy, Jacob and Evie on Tuesday. Just before she got to Bossier, her tire went flat. Fortunately, a nice man came by, noticed her dilemma, turned around and came back to help. After establishing his identity, he took her on to Kelli’s. It turned out to be a good trip for she found Jacob improving by leaps and bounds – walking wherever he chooses and getting into everything. He will begin his speech therapy classes soon. We think he is a miracle child and thank God for this blessing.

Vergil Rhodes was in Tri-Ward Hospital last week. They were able to solve his problem, temporarily until he can get to El Dorado to his primary doctor. He seems to be doing great and has certainly enjoyed the visits from his daughters and granddaughters. Beth Lawson, came Sunday, the day he was admitted. On Thursday, Susan and her daughter, Michelle came and had lunch with us at the dining site. Friday was Mary Lawson’s day. They went to a place to eat out of El Dorado – an old store- Mary Gene said the food was very good. Those kids take such good care of Mary Gene and Vergil.

Denise and Tim Clement had overnight guests this weekend – her Aunt Kathryn Rogers from New Iberia, and a cousin, Vickie Oubre and her husband Tim from Avery Island. Vickie was celebrating her birthday as well as their wedding anniversary. They took advantage of the great weather and had a family cookout. Later, Tim & Denise took them to El Dorado for a little sight seeing. The Clements are putting Spearsville on the map; they are so proud of their home and are enjoying entertaining family and friends.

Sunday was another blessed day in our church for Jordan Barron, daughter of Joe and Amy, made a public profession of faith with the desire to follow this in baptism. She is just like she belongs to the entire church for we have watched her grow up. Bro. James baptized Lee’s two sons in the summer and now Jordan will follow. Clyde and Lynette are great grandparents and have had such an influence on the lives of their grandchildren; they must be busting with pride for the decisions that have been made this summer.

Floy Rea is celebrating the birthday, Sept. 5th, of her two daughters, Sharon and Jan, today. Labor Day has become the official date for the annual get-to-gather. I think she told me there would be twenty-four for dinner. The oldest grandson, Stan, will not be able to come. Their two month old baby, Alexis, has a kidney stone – yes I did mean to say kidney stone – and is being treated by a specialist in Shreveport. It seems that the most important thing to do now is discover why she developed a stone at this early age. In the meantime she is very uncomfortable. Pray for the Liner family that this may soon be resolved and they can all get some sleep.

Thought for the Day

May you always have love to share; health to spare and friends that care. – Unknown –

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball


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