Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
January 14, 2010

BR-R-R-R. It’s cold in Spearsville. We may have to rethink that Global Warming thing; however, it has warmed up from a 13 degree to an 18 degree low, so maybe it is getting warmer. What do you think? It has affected all of us, as we are all snuggled down in our own little nest with very little happening in Spearsville – church & dining site attendance is way down with either the weather or illness; some afraid to get out for fear they will get sick. Even the little bluebirds are hunkering down in their spring and summer homes; only coming out when absolutely necessary.

Vergil fell last Sunday night when he stumbled and fell across a small bookcase in their bedroom. This resulted in several cracked ribs. As you know there is nothing to be done except take something to dull the pain and stay put for awhile. Their son, Buddy, came and stayed several days which was a big help to Mary Gene. Vergil is recovering but it will be a slow process which will just take time. Remember them in your prayers and, hopefully, we’ll see him, in due time, back at his place in the foyer greeting us as we enter the church each Sunday morning. We miss you, Vergil; hurry and heal!!!

Floy Rea has retired from the choir after 40+ years. When I called to make sure this had really happened, she said that these had been good years which she had enjoyed very much. Her hearing has gotten worse and the hearing aids just amplify too much when up close. Our hats are off to Floy for many years in service to this church as a faithful alto in our choir. She has, truly been an inspiration to so many of us and we are going to miss her. “Thank You!!”

Bro. James delivered a very good message about the sowing of the wheat in the good soil with the right attention to make it produce a good harvest. He entitled it “Sowing, Growing and Mowing”, with emphasis being on not planting our roots so deep or be so consumed with our “stuff”, that we forget where our real treasure is to be stored. If we do all these three things Jesus tells us that the good wheat will be taken to “His Barn” (heaven) and those who have not heeded His word will be bundled as the weeds and burned. This was a perfect and picturesque lesson in right and wrong with consequences of each. A great message to start this New Year – 2010.

I have always believed that Angels live among us, sometimes in the form of our friends and neighbors right here in Spearsville. This weather has brought out the best in everyone and caused us to recognized this goodness as our angels. A broken water pipe Saturday night at the home of Tim and Denise Clement brought Johnny Rhodes to the rescue: however, it could not have been repaired without the new pipe and fittings supplied by Calvin Hollis. Within a short time, Tim and Johnny, with the help of Calvin, had this repaired. I remembered back to the mid “90’s when we had a terrible ice storm and limbs were down everywhere. Calvin Hollis came to my house with his chain saw, as he did to many other houses in our community, and cleared driveways and roads. He did this all without anyone asking. He just saw a need and did what needed to be done. Other Angels have tended to needs throughout this area and I wish to say that I am glad to live in a little Village named Spearsville where people know us by name and care for our well-being. It’s wonderful to know that God knows their names. He will recognize and reward them someday for serving Him through goodness and kindness to others.

Thought for the Day

The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too late to become what you might have been. –unknown–


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