Ouachita Items

The Gazette
April 4, 1906

There is no sight so repulsive as habitual loaders and drunkards hanging around stores and wasting away the golden hours of lite in meaningless phantasy, without a thought for anything except the gratification of a beastly appetite. It is strange that young men and even old will thus sacrifice home, reputation, mothers and friends for that which stupidities them and makes life only a dark and hideous dream.

A scene which call forth sympathy, I am sorry to say was a drunken crowd in our village only a short time ago, and I think if we could unravel all the sophistry to the very bottom the cause would be so many (bring tigers).

Mr. Wyatte, general superintendent of the L. R. & M., paid us a flying visit Thursday.

Mr. L. M. Pullen, after a short stay in Collinston and Monroe came back last week.

A hunting party left last week for Alabama landing on Mr. Elliate Walls tug they came back Sunday and report quite a nice time fishing and hunting.

Several of our young people were present at the ball on the Island last week.

Mrs. J. M. Plummer, wife of the L. R. & M. Road Master, and little daughter Lillie May of Bastrop have been visiting Mrs. Sam Pullig three miles south of here.

We are all anticipating a fine time March 31, at Haags show.



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