Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
February 18, 2010

Snow!! That is what happened in Spearsville this past week … It was predicted days in advance; by Thursday at noon, the flurries began to fly; school was dismissed and the meal at the Senior Dining Site for Friday cancelled. While we slept God coated our ground with a white, fluffy frosting and dressed all the trees, bushes, and every little twig with the most beautiful winter attire. He transformed our little Village of Spearsville from a dull brown to a magical winter fairyland. God’s beautiful creation at its best. The children built snowmen, made snow angels and even had a few snowball fights. While the children played, the adults snuggled down, in their little nests, to read a good book, watch TV and feed the birds/squirrels with a pot of soup or chili simmering on the back burner. By Friday at 3:00 there was hardly a trace left except the “Frosty”, who was reluctant to melt away; however, he did promise when he went away he would come and play another day. This was such a fun day!! (Bonnie Rhodes even got out and helped Lexie, her granddaughter, build a snowman.)

Church attendance was up with several visitors. Ann and Charles Sones had several members of their family which almost filled a pew. Ann was holding a tiny baby but I didn’t find out who he/she was. Last week she enjoyed two granddaughters. Presley was sporting some new “wheels”. However, she does need help getting in and out of the wheelchair. She is in therapy and I could see a lot of improvement from the last time I had seen her. Let’s continue to remember her in our prayers that she will gain strength in her legs and soon be able to run and play with her little sister. Joye Barron Isles was visiting with her mother, Maurene Barron. It’s always good to have her back at home and at church. She enjoys keeping up with things by reading The Banner – just like a visit with those she loves and cares about.

Oda Rockett was able to be back at ceramics and at church; she taught our Sunday School lesson and did a good job as usual. She reported that she had talked to Peggy Rockett and she is not doing well; she is staying in bed most of the time; When she gets up she falls a lot. Shirley Miller is back at home and the procedure they did on her back seems to have been successful as she is able to stand up straight once again. They will try to alleviate the pain in the lower back at a another time. We pray that they can do this soon for she has suffered so much in the last year or so.

The Clements are having a great visit with Denise’s sister in New Iberia. They were meeting their children, Danny, Barbie, and little 3 year-old, Preston, in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday; very fortunate to get a hotel right downtown — Magazine and Canal. I sure hope they had a balcony to avoid some of the crowd. Their family will come back with them to Spearsville on Ash Wednesday, and then fly back to NJ. What a wonderful way to cure Cabin Fever for Denise and Tim, and for Danny and his family to get out of all that snow in the Northeast.

Since Sunday was Valentine’s Day Bro. James delivered a great message from the “love” or 13th chapter in Corinthians. He said that Paul was the Dear Abby of his time for he wrote so much about how to solve family problems. If we follow Paul’s teaching we would love in three ways: 1. selflessly and never ego-driven, 2. Sacrificially using the love of Jesus as an example, 3. Encouraging love in our relationship with others – always wanting what is best for spouses, friends, co-workers, and on and on. If we all were to practice these three things in our daily lives, many, many problems would be solved in our families, our community and, indeed, our nation. Never in history have we needed this lesson more in each of our lives. Jesus said that we are to love God with all our being and our neighbor (fellow man) as we love ourselves. That says it all with all Ten Commandments wrapped in a very small package that is easy to remember – only two commandments that say love!! Faith, Hope and Love – the greatest of these is LOVE!!

I went down to check out the progress on the Little Yellow House Pictorial Museum this week and I was so surprised to see all the work that has been done. Gene was busy putting up the pictures of the old stores and businesses. Tears came into my eyes when I saw the picture of my Mam-Maw, Ozella Reagan Rockett, in the old store that she and my Paw-Paw, Elton, owned and operated for almost 40 years. The store changed owners several times; at least two other times it was owned by a Rockett relative – Grady Rockett and Mr. Hugh Rockett. There is, also, a great picture of Hugh Barron’s store, where anything you needed could be bought – even money could be put on our charge account. Since my dad worked shift work in El Dorado, he was not always at home when money was needed. So we just went to Hugh when important things came up like ballgames (which were played during school time in those day) shows or the circus came to town. At the end of the month my dad carefully paid up the account so we could start all over again. These are wonderful memories to me and I am so glad that these photos are being preserved for our children and grandchildren. Truly, this is a special gift of our heritage in pictures. Gene Barron and his committee, Floy Rea, Oda Rockett, and Ethelle Colvin are doing a great job. Thanks!!!

It was so good to see Vergil Rhodes in the foyer greeting each person, on Sunday morning, as he has always done. He was seated, handing out the bulletins and saying something special to each person as he/she cam in. Clyde Barron was helping him with the door as he has been doing during all the time that Vergil has been incapacitated. A special thanks we send to each of these faithful deacons in our church, they take the word “servant” quite literally and we appreciate them so much for all they do on our behalf.

Thought for the Day

A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word may wreck a life. A timely word may lessen stress; a loving word may heal and bless – To silence gossip, refuse to repeat it. — unknown —


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