Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
March 25, 2010

Everywhere we look is a reminder that winter is over at last; yellow daffodils and forsythia, redbuds, Bradford Pears that look like giant snowballs, red flowering quince, and dogwoods just to name a few of all the various flowering bushes, bulbs and tree that we see on every hand – a spectacular sight!! It is as if God used a magic wand and gently tapped each plant and whispered that it is time to awaken and fill this village with color. As we drove to Monroe, Saturday, I was reminded of the Legend of the Dogwood. You have heard it many times, however, it bears repeating during the Easter season. It seems, as the story, straight, and tall as a mighty oak. Because of this, the Roman soldiers used it for execution in the time of Jesus. Three days after the death of Jesus these trees throughout the land, withered and became mere bushes covered with beautiful white blossoms. Four petals: two long and two shorter — that formed a cross. At the end of each petal is a rusty place that resembles a nail hole; in the center is a crown of thorn, and clusters of tiny red berries represent drops of blood. This tree would be cursed and forever be a small tree with a gnarled trunk that could never be uses for such a terrible deed again. Of course we know that dogwoods are not native to the Israel, therefore, this legend could not be true, but it does make us remember the cruel death of Jesus on that old rugged cross 2000 years ago. As we look at a dogwood the next time, my we contemplate this symbol and pause to thank God for His Son who was willing to make such a sacrifice that we might be forgiven of our sins and live with him in Heaven someday.

This week was a time of celebration for the Rhodes Family as Vergil had his last radiation treatment. I heard that he has gotten so use to all that TLC, from the doctors and nurses, that he might just have withdrawals. As it happened, the kids started dropping in. On Monday their oldest daughter, Susan came and spent the day. Next Helen and her husband, Alex Asfar, and their son, David came on Thursday and stayed overnight. On Sunday, Beth Lawson came to go to church with them and later they all went to Hollis’ for lunch. As you see he is being kept so busy he doesn’t have time to miss the doctor and nurses, yet. Vergil is improving each day and we give God our praise and our thanks for this improvement. For the past few Sundays he has been in the foyer greeting us with a good word and a bulletin. He is such a blessing to me, to our church, and to this community.

The Spearsville High School baseball team played a game in Strong, AR, this past week and won with a score of 13 to 2. Those Pelicans are flying high these days with their pitchers, Robbie Hopper and Kyle Livingston (Kyle is, the grandson of Joe Mac & Carolyn Risinger). They are on a roll and we are cheering them on to a state championship this year. The skill all the players on this team have displayed is a real feat for such a small school; support from family and friends, good coaches, and kids with a determination to win makes all the difference in the world.

Floy, and her husband, Billy Rea & I went to West Monroe, Saturday, for an Open House at the home of Ryan & Linda Spillers. The house is perfectly beautiful inside and outside. There were lots of goodies to eat as Ryan’s uncle, Delton Spiller, was the caterer; he always does a great job. Linda & Ryan had planned to build but found this house, that was almost identical to the one they had planned –, with an added bonus of a landscaped yard, pool and lots less hassle.

Kristen & Chris Canterberry welcomed baby McKenzie Brook into their family this week. This will be quite an adjustment for big sister, Cameron, as she learns to share the affection from parents and grandparents. We’re all looking forward to McKenzie’s first trip to church. Lindsey Deason Lee is expecting a baby, a little boy in July, I think. A shower was given for her this Sunday at our church. Most of our small “church children” are girls so we are looking forward to Lindsey’s new little boy this summer.

Bro. James had surprise visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Price, to attend church Sunday. They were members when he pastored Converse Baptist Church back in the late ’70’s and have remained good friends over the years. The Prices’ happened to be in the Ruston area and just couldn’t let this opportunity pass. It is always good to see friends but it is a double blessing when they are old friends who just happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped by to renew a friendship.

Thought for the Day

You can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future. — Unknown —

Happiness consists of a solid faith, good health, and a bad memory. — Ingrid Bergman —

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