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March 21, 1929

Mr. W. R. Lynn and family were visitors in Jonesboro Sunday.

Mr. W. T. Cheeks and family visited relatives at Jonesboro Sunday.

Mrs. G. L. Robinson of El Dorado, was the guest of Mrs. M. C. Still Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hicks were business visitors to Shreveport Thursday.

Just received a new shipment of ladies shoes for Easter. DEPT. STORE, Maude Phillips.

Miss Pauline Odom returned to Shreveport Wednesday, after spending a few days here with her parents.

The Rev. Wingo, pastor of Bernice Baptist Church, filled his regular appointment here Sunday. He was accompanied by his family as they still reside in Pineville.

Messrs. Tom and Neal Coker and families, of Columbia, Miss., have moved here. One family occupies the Mrs. J. C. Cole home, and the other one, the Melton place.

Mrs. W. F. Grafton was a visitor in Monroe, Tuesday.

Senator E. B. Robinson is in Baton Rouge this week attending a special session of the Legislator.

Mr. Graydon Colvin and Miss Ethel Spears were visitors at Spearsville Sunday afternoon.

Leroy Freeland, and Ralph Robinson of El Dorada, spent Sunday with M. C. Still.

Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Lawrence spent Sunday in Ruston with relatives. They were accompanied home by there sister, Miss Myrtle Lawrence.

Dr. C. C. Colvin was a business visitor to El Dorado Tuesday.

Mrs. Etta Goyne is home from a visit with her daughter at Homer.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis spent the week end in Spearsville with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Davis.

Mrs. Charlie Tabor is on the sick list.

Miss Mattie Maude Smith, who is teaching at Downsville, spent the week end here.

Mr. Jesse Gresham and family and Miss Lucille Gresham who are teaching at Camden, Ark., spent Sunday here with relatives.

Messrs. A. F. Pratt and J. C. Goss are at Farmerville this week serving on the Grand Jury.

Messrs. W. L. Key and J. T. Porter, Jr., were serving on the Grand Jury at Farmerveill , this week.

Mesdames H. P. Robinson and O. E. Howard and children visited relatives at Haynesville Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reagan have purchased one of the new houses recently built by Mr. C. T. Salley. Mr. and Mrs. Elza Grafton will occupy the rooms vacated by them at Mr. Faye Moore’s.

Are you tired working for the other fellow? If so, I can advise you regarding a profitable and permanent business of your own selling Rawleigh’s Products to farmers in East Union County. Call and see me personally at once. J. B. Phillips, Box 62, Bernice, La.

FOR SALE. One good Sewing Machine, also One good Milch Cow., apply B. C. Smith.

Miss Gladys Cole, of Shreveport, spent Sunday here with friends.

Mr. T. T. Stewart and family visited relatives in El Dorado, Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. C. C. Colvin and children and Mrs. Fuller visited relatives at Junction City Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Cal. Colvin of Dubach are the guest of their son, Dr. C. C. Colvin and family this week.

Miss Virginia Wingo, of Pineville, was the week end guest of Miss Allegra Phillips.

BERNICE JOURNAL BERNICE LOUISIANA Entered at the Post Office at Bernice as second class mail. J. C. PHILLIPS, Editor Prop.

Notice-Warning The Parent Teacher Association is very much interested in promoting the actions begun in decorating the earn-pas of the school locations and other public property, and take this means of notifying the public that henceforth all trespassing stock will be dealt with according to the laws of the town. Committee and City Marshall.

Federal Grand Jury. The following from this community have been chosen to serve on the federal grand jury which convenes in Monroe on Monday, April 1st: S. H. Rockett, Lillie, R. W. Patterson, Bernice, S. L. Baldwin, Bernice, and Lee Barron, of Lillie, has been chosen on the petit jury.

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Patterson were visitors to Monroe Sunday.

Seed Grader Installed Mr. G. E. Lindsey has installed a cotton seed grader at his gin and is ready to grade all cotton seed brought to him at a small cost. There has been something wrong with the cotton seed planted in this part of the country after being used for a few years and by grading the seed before planting does away with the faulty seed and assures planting only the best germination seed and will do away with a large number of the faulty stalks of cotton found through a crop. By all means investigate this grading system. It will pay.

NOTICE For all kinds of heavy or light drying see H. G. Thurman.

Mrs. Scott of Winnfield, was here Sunday, the guest of Mrs. G. E. Lindsey. Mrs. Scott was accompanied here by Mrs. Lila Rieves, who will remain here a while.

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666 is Prescription for Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue, Bilious Fever and Malaria. It is the most speedy remedy known.

Grand Jury In Session

Court convened at Farmerville on Monday of this week and the regular March Grand Jury term began after the court had selected T. G. Davis, of Cherry Ridge, as the Foreman, and Judge Pearce had delivered his charge to the Grand Jury.

The members of the Grand Jury are T. G. Davis, foreman: members, A. G. Everett, P. K. Hudson, T. B. Breazeal, John G. Goss, Frank Nolan, Ashley Nelson, Elzie J. Howard, S. F. Maxey, Clarence Elkins, W. L. Key and C. H. Pardue.

Judge Pearce in his charge asked for enforcement of the laws, particularly asking for an investigation of liquor violators, road house operators and vendors or liquor.

STILL CAPTURED. We have not heard of the officers capturing but one whiskey still since our last report. On last Thursday night, Uncle Bob Cook and Mr. C. E. Goss decided there was something doing in the territory north of Randolph. And after a careful investigation they found a pretty nice outfit, which was not in operation. Of course they brought their find in for a relic.

FOR SALE. 100 two year old Purple Grape Plants 8 for $1.00. 10,000 Chrysanthemum plants large flowers, 20 for $1.00. Mrs. W. W. Robinson.

Little Sam Willis O’Bannon is very sick with pneumonia.

W. M. Society

On Monday afternoon, March 18th, the Woman’s Missionary Society met in the home of Mrs. Moreland with quite a number present.

A chapter was read from the Bible, and prayer was offered.

A free will offering was taken after which Mrs. Langston conducted the lesson in Bible study.

After the regular exercises of the afternoon were over, a shower of linens and various other articles was given Mrs. Clyde Autrey. The basket being presented and the appropriate words being said by Mrs. Moreland.

Refreshments were served in the form of coffee and chocolate.

Mrs. Booles, and Mrs. Caldwell were at their usual place, on the refreshment committee.

Our Roads through Little Cornie Bottom is bad, the Mail Carrier, Mr. Gean Blocker, came through Monday, the first time in about a week. He has been having to come in on the lower end of his Rout to get around with the mail. Such conditions are confusing to the mail, and extremely hard on our Rural Free Delivery Men.

Messrs Ham and Spell and T. E. Newton of Ansley spent Sunday here with Mr. G. E. Lindsey.


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