Ouachita Items

The Gazette
February 28, 1906

We are not going to let our news go by unpublished any longer.

Everyone in our neighborhood has a bad cold but “Uncle Jim” he says this is the winter that all complained with the ones he has experienced.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Irwing have moved to Ouachita. This is Mrs. Irwing’s old home, and her many friends will be glad to welcome her and her husband both.

I think Mr. Irwing will be partners in business with Mr. W. A. Platt.

Mrs. Edna Clark, wife of G. F. Clark, death was a sad surprise to her many friends. Mrs. Clark served as a faithful postmistress for years. It was under a heavy blow upon her five little children, neither mother and father now to control them. But remember our little ones who united for us all, and try to live a christian life, for it will only be for a brief period till the muffled dreams are beating you funeral march to the grave. There is room in this march for a long and lordly crowd.

But one by one we all march in through the narrow isles of poise.

Human consolation is weak.

The most precious friend’s on earth these little ones have given up. A mother’s love is the only virtue that did not suffer by the fall of Adam, and the unselfish love of a good mother is the crowning glory of the race. Her faithful heart never lost its affection to receive her returning child.

A mother’s worth is not often fully known and appreciated until they pass beyond mortal search.

May God bless you Hassel, George F., Edna, Ollie, and baby light will some time break through so you all can clasp mother’s and father’s had beyond the grave.


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