Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
May 9, 1929

In Memoriam

On the first of May at about 8:00 P. M. the life of Malcus Gray was suddenly ended.

Busied with his work during the day, after the evening meal, after a play with his family he retired. Before an hour of sleep, he suddenly sprang up to fall back into the arms of his wife a corpse. Endeavoring to make a success of our Mother’s Day, he ended his frolic with his children, having them recite their parts of the program. In the prime of life, apparently blessed with unusual health and vigor, and with extremely high prospects and most adorable family whom he cherished to the uttermost, like Moses, who having traversed the dark abysmal and beclouded plains of adversity in full view of the Lord of promise so far as earthly cares were concerned, was by Divine disposition, denied the privilege of realizing the crown of his efforts. His was a big heart, no one ever applied to him in distress worthy of aid but what he received it. Congenial, light-hearted, gay, a smile for every one; A most loving father and devout husband. He was one of the most generous benefactors to his church and with the unfortunately and with exceptional consideration for his employees. It is beyond the power of the writer to describe in part the heart rending and sorrowful scenes of the sad hour. His remains were placed in the Shiloh cemetery by the Masonic fraternity and his spirit commended “to the God who gave it”.

"Thy day has come, not gone,
Thy sun has risen, not set;
Thou art now beyond the change of time and place
Oh noble soul
Oh dear heart
Hail and farewell"
A friend

NOTICE. Those who are interested in lessons taught, in piano, violin, string, and wind instruments see Miss Nan Ison at her home.

CLUB ENCAMPMENT Our Agricultural Club encampment will be held at Camp Dercheat in Webster Parish, from July 1st to July 5th incisive and we are expecting Union Parish to have the largest delegation at this encampment this year we have ever had. More club Project work is visible already than we have had at this time heretofore and I am sure that those who have carried out their work well by July 1st, will be entitled to a weeks recreation with the boys and girls of the other Parishes. Get ready club members, we are going to have a good time. J. V. Rabb, County Agent.

Communities to Exhibit Farmerville, October 16th to 19th inclusive. The six High School Communities are going to get a chance to come into open competition with each other from the standpoint of agricultural exhibits at the Union Parish Fair to be held at Farmerville, October 16th to 19th. inclusive. Every patron of these schools is eligible to help his school make the showing. The enthusiasm is running high and one school is already notifying another that it is coming after it with full force. Now is the time for the work to be done and the reward for the efforts will be reaped at the Fair. Everybody who wants Union Parish to develop agriculturally are boosting this Fair. Its yours and nobody will be satisfied unless you have a creditable exhibit there from your community. Prize lists will be out as soon as possible.

Poultry Sales. Regular poultry sales for this month will be held as follows: Marion, Monday May 13th, Farmerville, Tuesday May 14, Bernice, Wednesday May 15th. J. V. Rabb, County Agent.

Children’s socks, in all colors 35 and 50 cent values going for 25 cent and many other bargains at MILADY’S SHOPPE. Mrs. J. D. Green

Mr. Hoye Grafton, of Shreveport, visited his mother, Sunday.

See my line of box and loose handkerchiefs. An ideal gift for the “sweet girl graduate”. MILADY’S SHOPPE Mrs. J. D. Green

NOTICE. A heifer calf one and a half years old, Jersey, short horns. Left Mr. John Tuck’s pasture about March 20th. $5 reward given for recovery. Mrs. J. W. Clairy

Mrs. Teddy L. Fitzhugh left Saturday for Little Rock, where she will be at home on 510 East Capitol Avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Baldwin visited Mr. and Mrs. E. J. St. John in El Dorado Sunday.

Mrs. T. N. Gresham and son, Evles, visited Mrs. Gresham’s mother in El Dorado, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Grafton of Dunn, visited relatives here Wednesday.

Miss Helen Baldwin spent the week end in El Dorado the guest of her sister, Mrs. E. J. St. John.

Miss Nan Ison arrived Saturday from Rosewood, Miss. where she had charge of the music department in the school.

SCHOOL DESTROYED. Fire believed to have started from a defective electric wire, last night about midnight, completely destroyed the two-story main building of the Athens high school. The frame structure was valued at approximately $8,000 and was partly insured. The school here will close within two weeks and until that time classes will be held in the various local churches, according to Principal, R. B. Prestridge.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. St. John and daughter, of Weslaco, Texas are visiting relatives this week.

HOWARD REUNION The Howard family and relatives met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roberts C. Howard in Ruston Sunday for a family reunion. There were about two hundred and fifty people present Mrs. Howard has 12 children and 125 grand-children and great-grand-children. Rev. Jones made a wonderful talk on the home maker, Sunday morning, after Rev. Jones talk dinner was served in a shady grove.

Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Harris attended the reunion at Mr. R. C. Howard Sunday,

NOTICE. Taken up at my home One Bird Dog Setter, black and white speckled, came to my home April 15th. Owner can get same by paying charges. R. T. Porter, Bernice, La., R. 2.


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