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January 16, 1930

Thanks Friend. Alright Mr. Editor, You are welcome. The one lined sheet of $1.00 is your invitation to come to see us once a week for another year that you may tell us about Bernice. The Journal is a welcome visitor. Your very respectfully, J. L. Lay, Hornbeck, La.

NOTICE. The District Grand Worthy Matron will visit the local chapter, Tuesday night Janury 21st.

Install Officers

Bernice Lodge No. ???-F% Am met December 19, 1929 and installed the following officers:

C. J. Heard, W. M.

Jno. R. Hammock, S. W.

Seth Tanner, J. W.

L. H. Pratt, Treasure

J. A. Ferguson, Secretary

W. L. Key, Chaplain

G. O. Cagle, S. D .

Floyd Weldon, J. D.

A. E. Weldon, Tyler

Above Lodge meets every 1st Saturday night in each month and 3rd Thursday night in each month. All members are requested to attend regular.

CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness and help shown us during the illness and death of our dear mother. Mrs. D. S. Senn, Mrs. S. L. Fitzgerld, Mrs. J. A. Selig, Mrs. V. A. LaFaulk, Charlie Heard, J. T. Heard.

Mrs. J. M. Melton was a visitor in Monroe Wednesday.

The little child of Mrs. Ernest Atty. Hoye Grafton was home for the week end,

Methodist W. M. S.

The Methodist Woman’s Missionary society met Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. F. J. Booles.

The society ???? by singing ?????? alone.

Scripture lesson, Matthew 5:21-30, was given a most impressive manner by Mrs. Allen Mabry, Prayer by Mrs. Cade, Song, “We’el work till Jesus comess”

A dialogue in three parts was given by Mrs. Jno. Caldwell, Mrs. L. T. Porter and Mrs. Cecil Tanner, concerning our mission finances. This was very instructive to all missionary ladies.

The mission lesson, “Roads to the city of God” was then studied and enjoyed by every one. The meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Marbry.

Those present were: Mesdames Welch, Tanner, Paul Keirbow, Cecil Tanner, Langston, L. T. Porter, Jno Caldwell, Billy Cade, Robt. Driggers, Harold Reagan, M. V. Burns, L. P. Moreland, Allen Mabry, F. J. Booles and Miss Laura Evans.

The society will meet next Monday afternoon January 20th in the home of Mrs. Harold Reagan at 2 o’clock. All members are urged to attend and visitors are welcome at all times.. Reporter.


The parish register of voters will have his books at the Mayors office in Bernice on Tuesday and Wednesday Jan. 28th and 29th. A Junction City on Thursday Jan, 30th and at Shiloh on Friday Jan. 31st.

It will be necessary for every one that expects to vote in the coming Road Tax election to register before the 5th. of Feb. and we have arranged for the register before the 5th of Feb. and we have arranged for the register to bring the books on the above dates for the convenience of the public and hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity.

G. E. Lindsay

C. E. Goss, Police Jurors.

B. F. Grafton

Mr. B. F. Grafton died at his home in Pine Grove community Sunday afternoon at 2:30, after a severe attack of pneumonia, and the body was laid to rest in the Pine Grove cemetery Monday afternoon, in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends. The Masonic order had charge of the funeral services.

“Uncle” Ben, as he was known by everybody, was one of the oldest citizens of this parish, being 80 years old last July. He is survived by his wife and several children, besides a large number of grandchildren and other relatives.

Mr. Grafton will be greatly missed in his home community as well as throughout this part of the state, as he took a great interest in all public matters and was always working for the best ____________.

A new shipment of spring coats and dresses arrived this week. The new fine coats will be found at THE DEPT. STORE Maude Phillips

Bernice Wins

The Bernice High School Baseball team played the Dubach High School team last Wednesday afternoon. Bernice won with a score of 16 to 4 . This was the first game of the season and we are hoping that every game will be as good as this one.

Thanks, Mrs. Burns

We want to thank Mrs. M. V. Burns for a most delicious chicken dinner (today) Thursday. We were here working just as hard as possible and lo and behold when Alice returned to work she brought us this fine dinner. We certainly appreciate such friends and any time someone else wants to know just how fond we are of eating good things just sent it down here to our office and we can soon tell whether it will pass muster or not.

Messrs. B. L. St. John, W. H. Harris and Guy McDonald were in Monroe this week serving as petit jurors in federal court.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Welch had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. T. M> Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Colvin, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Hall, all from Dubach.

Grafton, who has diphtheria is reported improving.

Miss Sadie Ellis is visiting in Terrel, Texas.

Mr. J. W. Bennett accompanied by Mrs. A. J. Farrar, a cousin, spent several days in Strong, Ark. with his sister, Mrs. Jim Hollis, who is very low with pneumonia.

MR. and Mrs. Jno. Caldwell and son, John, Jr., were recent visitors in Monroe.

Mr. J. R. Cook and Mr. G. C. Hicks were visitors in Shreveport Monday.

Mrs. G. L. Robinson and son Ralph of El Dorado visited friends here Sunday.

Mr. Sidney Pratt has accepted a position in Monroe, La.

Mrs. Y. S. Fuller is visiting in Marion this week.

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Church Activities

Circle No. 1 meets with Mrs. S. L. Balwin.

Circle No. 2 meets with Mrs. H. J. Odom

Circles No. 8 and 4 meet together with Mrs. Grady Colvin for Rogal Service Program.

Interest in prayer service is growing. There were twenty in the Service Wednesday night. Out of this number there were five men. We invite you to come and join us in the mid-week prayer service.


666 Is a Prescription for Colds, Grippe, Flu, Dengue, Bilious Fever and Malaria. It is the most speedy remedy know.

ESTRAY NOTICE 1 black horse mule, 6 years old, weigh about 950 or 1000 pounds, long mane and tail. Left my place about Nov. 18, 1929, reward for return or information leading to recovery of this mule. J. C. HAMILTON, Dubach, La.

ESTRAY NOTICE. I have taken up one white bobbed tail cow. Came to my place two and one half miles south of Bernice. La., on Dec. 26, 1929. Unless owner calls for same, I will proceed to sell on Saturday, Feb. 15, 1930, to the highest bidder. E. J. BALDWIN, Bernice, La.

Miss Azilee Porter spent last week end with Mary Lou Burns.

Mr. J. C. Elliott, of Leola, Ark. was here last week visiting relatives and friends.

Messrs. Wes Bowens and F. F. Johnson were visitors to Monroe Sunday.

ESTRAY NOTICE One black mare mule about 7 years old, weigh about 950 lbs., long mane and tall. Left my place Dec. 31, 1929. Reward for return or information leading to recovery. DUD GRESHAM.

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