From Lille

The Gazette
May 2, 1900

Mrs. Nancy Risinger, after spending six or eight months her with relatives and friends, left for her home in Shelby Co., Texas, no long since.

Miss Dellie Mason, of near Lockhart, is quite sick with congestion.

Mr. Eugene Buckley and his daughter Miss Inez have had pneumonia recently.

Mrs. B. F. Post was quite sick last week.

Mr. G. W. Edwards’ son Leslie died of measles and pneumonia since we wrote last.

Mr. B. F. Post has been appointed freight agent here by the Arkansas Southern R. R. Co.

Mr. Willis Butler and Miss Katie White were married at the bride’s parents two miles south of here on the 19th, B. F. Post officiating.

The “blind tiger” man “burnt the wind” from Lillie one day this week.

The ladies of Lillie held two meetings this week for the purpose of inducing the proprietor of the poker tent to move his tent, but their pleadings have no accomplished the desired end. Still the ladies are determined to eradicate this annoyance, as they have the support of the people generally.



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