Serenade and Gift Tree Featured at Rocky Branch

The Gazette
January 11, 1939

An enjoyable event of the holiday season was a program and gift tree given by the Sunday school pupils of Rocky Branch, under direction of Mrs. Myrtle Dodd.

The program follows:

Song, “Praise Him,” directed by W. M. Pace.
Prayer, by Elzie Howard.
Origin of Giving, by Robbie Lee Pace.
Song, “Hark, the Angels Sing” by the class.
Birth of Christ: St. Matthew 2: by Robert L. Howard.
Roles played by: Reading, Robert L. Howard, Mary, Cathlene Antley, Joseph, Joye Chapman. Wise men, Carnell Antley, Rassie Lee McLeod, and Raymond Chapman. Angel of the Lord, Armenilla Howard. Host of Angels; Margie Roan, Helen Turk, Alma Chapman, Angela Turk, Letha Chapman, Evelene Gates, Christine Turk. Singing “Joy to the World.”
Song, “Silent Night,” by class.
Benediction, Billy Smith.

Merry Christmas, folks!
How do you do?
We’re singing these songs
Just for you
Hello folks!
Have you any pie?
Send out the cake
But not any rye.
Hurry up, folks
Good tunes we make
E’re we sup.

These were the salutations of a quartet of serenaders, composed of Messrs. V. E. Howard, B. E. Smith, Hardy Howard and Arthur Pace. People, far and near, were awakened to hear melodious voices blended in singing the best loved hymns: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and “Farther Along.” Christians were reminded how beautiful Heaven must be.

Happy New Year, folks! Then they were gone, leaving a pleasant memory of Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.


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