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The Gazette
March 14, 1906

Miss Maude Selig left Monday for Ruston where she goes to visit friends.

Frank Pleasant, Jr. is visiting friends in Farmerville this week.

Mrs. John Donley who has been sick for several days past is now better.

Miss Corrie Hill of Ouachita City is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. L. Stancil in Farmerville

Mrs. Elias Carroll left last week to visit her daughter in Eros, La.

Dr. J. M. Thurman of Ruston is in Farmerville this week practicing his profession.

It is rumored that the Farmerville Southern will soon begin running a Sunday train to this place.

Mrs. Eunice Burt, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Math Taylor, left Monday for her home in Texas.

Miss Mattie Lou Kilgore spent Sunday and Sunday night in Farmerville, returning Monday to Marion where she is attending school.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peek of Ouachita City, visited Mr. M. J. Pearson and family last Sunday.

Mr. T. F. Pardue, a prominent citizen of the Holmesville neighborhood was in Farmerville Tuesday.

Wanted to exchange a Jack and Jennette of Cattle or work oxen. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Attorney’s M. M. Munholland and Clifton Mathews were in Monroe a few days of last week on business.

On account of home duties Miss Reita Hartman has given up her school at Cecil where she has been teaching for several months past.

Attorney J. W. Elder left Tuesday morning on a business trip to Ruston and also to see Mrs. Elder who is at present visiting her mother in that city.

I will be in Farmerville from March 12th to the 17th and in Marion from March 19th to the 24th. DR. J. M. THURMAN.

The Union Parish Teacher’s Association met in Farmerville last Saturday. A large crowd of teachers were in attendance and we learn that they had quite an interesting session.

SEED CORN. “We have the Celebrated New Madrid Seed Corn, both Yellow and White. It pays largely to plant it. See Us. MONROE GROCER CO. LTD. MONROE, LA.

Judge R. B. Dawkins and District Attorney Preaus are at home again after an absence of a week in Ruston attending to legal matters.

Mrs. M. J. Pearson returned home Wednesday night from a visit to her parents at Lapile, Ark., and left again Saturday morning for New Orleans accompanied by her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Rowland and Dr. Elmo Rowland and wife.

Mrs. Anna R. Simmons, National Commissioner and Lecturer of the W. C. T. U. will lecture at the court house on Thursday night March 15th. All are invited to come and hear the gifted lady on a subject so vital to our lives, our homes, our government.

The Louisiana State Sunday School Association will hold their twentieth Annual Convention at Alexandria on March 20, 21, 22. An extremely interesting program has been arranged, and all Sunday School workers are urged to attend.

NOTICE TO LADIES. I am now prepared to do all kinds of ladies hair trimming, shampooing, singing, massaging, etc. Will call at your residence to do the work if so desired. I have had several years experience in this kind of work and will guarantee entire satisfaction. I also have a nice line of tonics for the cure of dandruff and falling hair. H. A. Jommon, The Farmerville Barber.

WANTED. Teams to haul staves from mill near Lockhart, La, to Summit Lumber Co’s log road. Five mile haul, good level road. CORNIE STAVE CO, Junction City Ark.

Necessities of Respect

"Dearest friend thou hast left us.
And thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
We can all our sorrows heal."

Whereas, God in his infinite wisdom and power has seen fit to remove from our mid’st Mrs. J. D. Fenton, a beloved friend and member of our society. As a body we deeply deplore her sad and untimely death and extend to her bereaved family our deepest sympathy.

Mrs. Fenton had been raised in our town and was known by all as one who was ever ready to lend a helping hand to the distressed and to any who were in trouble.

How much she is missed in her home, by her husband, children, father, mother, sisters and brothers, they alone can tell. May they be led to see that God makes no mistakes and that he doeth all things well. Resolved that a copy of this be sent to the Baptist Chronicle and the Farmerville Gazette for publication. Resolved that a copy be sent to the family.

Resolved a copy be spread upon our minutes.

Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Breed, Mrs. Barnes, Com.

We call attention in this issue to the advertisement of the Commercial Germania Trust and Saving Bank. This excellent institution was established in 1881 and one of the oldest of its kind in the South, having successfully weathered every panic during the past 25 years and now has deposits amounting to over ten million dollars.

At a recent meeting of the Town Council an ordinance was passed for the suppression of Blind Tigers in the Town of Farmerville, making it a heavy penalty for anyone to keep for sale or to give away whiskey, wine, beer, beerine or any alcoholic drink. An ordinance was also passed prohibiting the operation of pool or billiard tables on the Sabbath.

NOTICE. We will have a car of fertilize in Farmerville this week. $20 per ton. Apply to Duke Selig. Selig & Cromwell, Bernice, La.

District Attorney F. F. Preaus, of Farmerville, is attending the present session of court, advising with the grand jurors when necessary and looking after or criminal business of the court. — Ruston Leader.

Honor Roll of Union School

Highest No. perfects first. Deb Green, Mary Anne Edwards, Sallie Edwards, Mattie Hudson, Johnnie Reed, Percy Hubbard, Virgil Green, Jim Norman, Fannie Lee Walker, Stancil Westbrooks, John Edwards, Gerolede Green, Olive Walker, Pheland Edwards, Olestia Edwards, Jesse Edwards, Tom Andrews, Etta Stancil, Jesse Hubberd, Laman Andrews, Ollie Westbrooks, Clark Edwards, H?d Stancil, Johnnie Andrews, Boraugh Norman, Arthur Read. MISS LEILA CLARKS – Teacher, Marion, La.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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