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March 21, 1906

Mr. K. A. Pleasant made a trip to Ruston last week.

Attorneys J. D. and Arnold Barksdale of Ruston are attending court here this week.

Judge W. R. Roberts of Bernice is attending court here this week.

Mr. W. E. Taylor has opened up a general mercantile establishment out at Taylor’s Crossing.

The infant baby of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. McBroom died last Wednesday night.

Wanted to exchange a Jack and 5 Jennetts for Cattle or work oxen, 2 t. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Fenner Murphy of Randolph was a visitor to Farmerville last Thursday.

Miss Eda Jameson of Bernice was a visitor in Farmerville last Saturday.

Mesdames G . D. Sanders and O. M. Taylor left Tuesday morning to visit relatives in Texas.

The Circuit Court of Appeals met in Farmerville Tuesday, Judges Ware and Drew presiding.

Attorney Charles B. Roberts of Ruston, of the firm of Price, Roberts and Elder is here this week.

We regret to learn that Captian O. Baughman has been quite sick for several days past.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Munholland made a visit to Monroe and Ruston last week. They returned home Friday night.

Mrs. Ethel Selig and little son, Dean, of Bernice are visiting in Farmerville, the guest of the home of Mrs. Matilda Selig.

Misses Helena Selig and Ellen Haas and Messrs. Mack Gill and Harry Arent attended a dance in Bernice last Wednesday sight.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rolleigh, formerly of this place but now of Monroe are in Farmerville for several days. They are located at the Hartman House.

Mr. J. D. Fenton returned home Thursday night from New Orleans where he had been to attend a session of the Grand Lodge, Knights of Honor.

NOTICE. We will have a car of fertilizer in Farmerville this week. $21 per ton. Apply to Duke Selig. SELIG & CROMWELL, Bernice, La.

Mr. Laurance Cook was in Farmerville the first of this week visiting his mother and sisters here. Laurance tell us that he quit the steamboat business and that he is contemplating opening up a confectionery business win Falsenthal, Ark.

WANTED. Teams of haul staves from mill near Lockhart, La., to Summit Lumber Co.’s log road. Five mile haul, good level road. CORNIE STAVE CO., Junction City, Ark.

On account of the bad weather the B. Y. P. U. did not meet last Sunday. We are requested to announce that the program announced for last Sunday will be had next Sunday instead.

The new Grand Jury, composed of the following named gentlemen, was empaneled Monday: W. J. Turnage, Foreman, Elgin Dean, J. D . Rogers, A. F. Stancil, Ellis Powell, Tom Dawkins, J. C. Elliott, Ronnie Gill, J. T . Harrison, A. L. Smith, J. J. Price and J. U. Frasier.

NOTICE TO LADIES. I am now, prepared to do all kinds of ladies hair trimming, shampooing, singeing, massaging, etc. Will call at your residence to do the work if so desired. I have had several years experience in this kind of work and will guarantee entire satisfaction. I also have a nice line of tonics for the care of dandruff and falling hair. H. A. JONNOX, The Farmerville Barber.


Quite a number of ladies of town met at the home of Mrs. Guy Trimble for the purpose of organizing a Women’s Christian Temperance Union. There we met Mrs. Simmons, the state organizer who gave us a very interesting and helpful talk on W. C. T. U. work. After singing and reading the “Crusade Psalm,” we went into the organization of a local W. C. T. U. of Farmerville. Mrs. Trimble acting as Secretary, Mrs. J. W. Stancil was unanimously elected as President, Mrs. C. H. Jameson Cor. Secretary, Mrs. J. W. Elliott as Rec. Secretary and Mrs. James Evans as Treasurer. We met at the Church on the 19th to complete our organization. We will be glad to have any one interested in this great cause to join us. Mrs. J. W. STANCIL, Pres. Mrs. J. W. ELLIOTT, Rec. Sec.

The Knights of Honor Grand Lecturer, W. A. Mair delivered a public lecture on the subject “Fraternity, or Men’s Duty to His Fellow Man,” at the K. of P. Hall Tuesday night to a large and appreciative audience. Mr. Mair is an excellent talker and his lecture was very entertaining, as well as instructive, He spoke of the purposes and aims of fraternal societies, of their fraternal and social feature, of the edifying influence they have over men and of the great good that they accomplish in the world. One very important step that the Knights of Honor have recently made is that they now take ladies into the order on the same basis as they do men.

FOR SALE Long Wagon and 4 Yoke Oxen. J. D . BAUGHMAN.

Miss Maud Selig returned Saturday from a visit to Ruston.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor made a trip to Monroe last week.

Mrs. Simmons, National Organizer of the Womans Christian Temperance Union delivered an interesting lecture at the court house last Wednesday night.

The severest weather of the winter has had the northern and eastern states in its grip for the past week.

Thirty five passengers were killed in a head on collision near Florence, Colo. last Friday. As overworked train dispatcher asleep a his post and failing to give necessary orders was the cause of the terrible disaster.

Dr. C. H. Jameson has an interesting oddity in his possession in the shape of a two headed chicken, or rather a biddy. It was accidentally found by a little boy among some eggs which failed to hatch and has two well matured heads. Dr. Jameson has it preserved in a bottle of alcohol and it is quite an interesting object, we assure you.

THE BEST COUGH SYRUP. S. L. Apple, ex Probate Judge Ottaws Co., Kansas, writes: “This is to say that I have used Ballard’s Horehound Syrup for years, and that I do not hesitate to recommend it as the best cough syrup I have ever uses.” 25c, 50c and $1.00, Sold by Farmerville Drug Co.

New Orleans has been considerably stirred up for the past few days over a reported case of yellow fever in that city. However, after a careful diagnosis the physicians have come to the conclusion that it was only a case of jaundice.

NOTICE TO KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. Brother W. A. Mair, who is Chancellor Commandar of Alexandria Lodge No 33 will make a talk at the regular meeting of the Pelican Lodge Wednesday night. All Sir Knights are requested to be present as there is something good in store.

Accept No Substitute There is nothing just as good for Malaria, Chills and Fever as Dr. Meadenhall’s Chill and Fever Cure. Take it as a general tonic and at all times in place of quinine. If it fails to give satisfaction Farmerville Drug Co. will refund.

NOTICE! The Second Quarterly Conference of the M. E . Church at Marion on Thursday, March 29, 1906 at 11 o’clock A.M. Preaching by Rev. C. B. Carter, P. E. The official members of church are urged to attend. Everybody invited. John G. Sloans, P. C.

Physicians Call

It is very evident to the mind of any physician of Union Parish, the importance of our Medical Society. Not from a selfish or mercenary standpoint but from a broad, philanthropic, charitable conception of the purpose in question. When we consider this subject honestly and thoroughly we once comprehend the good resulting therefrom. We cannot only impart knowledge to our brother doctor but we likewise receive from each member present information he has gained by his experience that we could only gain from like sources. Hence the physicians of the parish, in regular sessions, could establish a school where we could teach and be taught, at the some time have a good old time experience meeting. We all know by precept or example what a good experience meeting is to a protracted meeting. Our D. D’s have them why not our M. D.’s have them too.

We learn more of each other; become better acquainted and better views and opinions are formed of one another. Selfishness, animosity, and envy, if there be any, are replaced by brotherly love, charity and benevolence.

We discuss the leading medical topics of to day and keep abreast with the rapid strides made in the science of medicine, better preparing ourselves each meeting to successful combat disease, death and the devil. It is the busy practitioner who especially needs to attend these meetings as he is constantly drawing on his store house of knowledge. The physician who has no need of knowledge would be a little out of place in a meeting. I therefore earnestly urge all physicians in the parish to attend our regular meeting at Farmerville on April 9th, 10 A.M.

C. H. Jameson, President.

Last Saturday, March 17th, was a day dear to the hearts of all Irishmen on account of its being the natal day of their patron, Saint Patrick. He, it is claimed, is the one who drove all the snakes out of Ireland. The day is always properly observed in all the larger cities in the United States.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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